Monday, November 08, 2010

CCS Girls Top 17 Teams by MV Moose

17. Half Moon Bay (D4)
This team historically runs poor in the heat.  A cool day on Saturday and they might be able to sneak up on the SCCAL teams.
16.  Aragon (D2)
This team has been steady all year.  I predict they stay tough at CCS in a deadly tough division.
15.  Palo Alto (D1)
Doesn’t have the guns to take on Carlmont or Gunn, but should stay ahead of San Benito and Evergreen Valley.
14. Aptos (D3)
Aptos has four great runners, but without a tried and true fifth runner, they'll lose too many points in a big meet.  They'll have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to make State. They prefer cooler weather, so running later in the day works against them.
13.  Valley Christian (D3)
Sixth place in WCAL is no shame.  I expect Coach Small to have his team ready at CCS.  
12. Sacred Heart Cathedral (D3)
Looks like SHC is peaking right on time.
11. Mitty (D2)
If Kriege and company run their best race of the year, they have an outside chance to make State. 
10. Santa Cruz (D3)
It looks like the D4 race will be mostly a repeat of the SCCAL finals.
9. Scotts Valley (D4)
I can’t place them ahead of the youngsters down the road at SLV.  As with all the SCCAL teams, cool weather favors them.
8. St. Ignatius (D3)
It may not be fair to call SI the third best team in WCAL, but they are the D3 team to beat.
7. Presentation (D2)
Nice depth keeps this team high in the rankings.  If they have a good day and teams ahead of them falter some, Vasquez could take her team to State!
6. San Lorenzo Valley (D4)
This team of freshladies and sophomores is a joy to watch.  They should run away with D4 this year, and next year, and the next year, and....
5. St. Francis (D2)
Healy and team have really rounded into shape.  If they run to their ability, they make a return to State.
4. Los Gatos (D2)
Had a little breakdown at Stanford, but are back in their pre-season spot.
3.  Gunn (D1)
Ernie Lee has shown in the past he can get the best performance at CCS.  If his team is healthy, they might beat Carlmont again this year.
2. Carlmont (D1)
Petersen is the individual to beat and the top four are great.  They don’t get to run on their home course this year, so I can’t see them beating Mountain View.
1. Mountain View (D2)
Only three return from last year's championship team, but they're led by Sturges.  Coach Bordoni kept the team on track during the turmoil, and it's paying off now.  I expect to see a lot of black at the head of the D2 race.

Looking forward to a great day of running on Saturday.

MV Moose

Comments?  Anybody wants to take a swing at the top 17 boys teams?


Anonymous said...

Santa Cruz is in Div. III this year.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the boys I think the bells are a clear number one followed by Willow Glen. Willow Glen looks good but there race (D3) should be interesting seeing as Saint Ignatius looks good. However SI has a number 3 runner who just doesn't show up sometimes and if he doesn't there's no way they win that race. So in D3 i say WG, SI then North Monterey followed closely by SHC. Other than that I don't know many team so it should be an interesting day.

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