Saturday, November 13, 2010

CCS Team Champions for all divisions...

In the order that they raced today:

Division V Girls (Crystal Springs Uplands School)

Division V Boys (York School)
Division I Girls (Carlmont HS)
Division I Boys (Bellarmine HS)
Division II Girls (Mountain View HS)
Division II Boys (Los Gatos HS)
Division III Girls (St. Ignatius HS)
Division III Boys (Willow Glen HS)
Division IV Girls (San Lorenzo Valley HS)
Division IV Boys (Robert Louis Stevenson School)


Anonymous said...

For all the bashing that Coach Randazzo got last year, you cannot argue with the results she has produced. A number of runners on both the boys and girls side graduated, yet she lead the girls to a first place finish and the boys to a second place finish (against a worthy opponent) with both teams going to the state meet. For everyone who thought Carlmont was gone after the coaching change last year, this is obviously not the case and it is great to see this top CCS program still where they should be - at the top.

JR said...

To Anonymous,
Please leave the past behind and don't stir trouble. There is a lot that you obviously do not know.

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