Thursday, November 11, 2010

MCAL Results

Girls Varsity:

Boys Varsity:

Newspaper article covering MCAL:

Slideshow from meet:


Anonymous said...

Was this the same course as last year or was another .1 miles added? Times seem to be on an average 1:30 slower.

Albert Caruana said...

From an MCAL coach:
"MUCH harder course. 2 hill passes vs 1.
3.1 miles. Trail not great conditions in spots bc of rain and potholes."

Anonymous said...

Actually course was not that much different than in previous years. Parts of it were actually easier to run on, since they used to have to run on grass for the first portion. Also, the weather conditions were a lot nicer than last year.

Having witnessed the race, I would have to say that the times were slower in the girls race more because the quality of the girls field was not as strong as when Devine ran.

And, for the boys, Milechman looked like he was running at about 85%...he went out unusually slow for him and hung with the others for much longer until switching gears near the end of the race.

raced both 09/10 said...

the course was most likely closer to 3.2 miles, maybe even longer according to a fellow runners mapping calculations. the course was definately a LOT harder than last year.

the second anonymous poster knows absolutely nothing because he did not race either course. all parts of the course were the same except a slightly different order, along with the addition of the extra hill pass which accounts for the extra 0.2 miles or so of running.

there was more wind last year which would not significantly affect the times.

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