Thursday, November 18, 2010

San Francisco Section Results


Anonymous said...

this league is such a joke. Lowell does not even deserve a spot at state. It should go to a deserving team from the SS. a certain time should be required because this league is and will continue to be horrible. My team's sophomores could beat lowell

Anonymous said...

Do not speak the name of this "SS" around these parts.

SJS Fan said...

The " SS " has 7 berth's for both boy's and girl's across the board with the exception of D5 girl's which has 6. They only have one berth for all divisions combined, what more do you want ? The reason it is called the " State Finals " is because the entire State is represented. They will not change that to the " Sophomores that can beat Lowell Finals " anytime soon. They earned their spot fair and square. Good luck to Lowell.

Anonymous said...

yea but have u seen results from previous years they always get crushed.
Their average time was 0:42 seconds slower than the next closest team last year. And their last year number 1 (William Chen) is running slower right now for some reason.

Their should be a qualifying team.

Anonymous said...

A section cannot have more than 7 teams at state so it would not go to the southern section anyways.

By this argument the LA section should also be swallowed up by the more competitive section.

Perhaps they should follow the format of basketball, football, community college and have a nor cal so cal. To 13 teams from each half of the state face off at CIF.

This way the state is represented and the best teams get to go. Also, you could have state mandated CBEDS for each division since it will be on a larger scale.

Anonymous said...

f THE ss. However with this said, SF should roll into the CCS and OAL should roll into the NCS! Does not make sense that these 2 sections should stand alone!

Anonymous said...

Last year Lowell finished dead last at state and had 5 of the slowest 9 runners (out of almost 200 total). Skyline from the Oakland Section finished next to last. In the girls race Lincoln from SF Section was dead last (by a wide margin). Oakland or SF Sections have been dead last in both boys and girls at CIF every year since at least 2004. Running is a great activity and wonderful exercise, but cross country is a sport. I do believe it hurts the sport when mediocrity (and that is being extremely charitable) is rewarded. There are going to be some disappointed individuals and teams tomorrow at NCS (just like there were at CCS and SJS and, yes, the SS) that won't make state, but they truly do treat cross country like the great sport it is.

SJS Fan, look what happened to the St. Francis girls in your section (unless SJS is SJ Sharks!). You can't tell me that teams in the SF section earn a state berth. It's given to them, and until they have to earn a spot, they're not going to get better.

Anonymous said...

Given that Oakland and SF each only receive one state meet berth out of a possible 115 per gender, that actually matches very closely to their student population relative to the total student population in California.

Anonymous said...

That argument works for determining representation in Congress, not for sports. The fact is that only 23 large schools go to state. The best SF school is probably not in the top 100 large schools in CA in cross country. I'm all for participation trophies -- for 8 year olds playing soccer.

SJS Fan said...

There are some very valid points on both sides of this debate. I for one would 100 % back a Nor-Cal / So Cal type of system with the top teams squaring off for the championship. I also agree there should be a merge of sections in the Bay area, but how would that affect the " Big Three " sports ?
I was in fact at the SJS finals and witnessed the girls race where ST. Francis lost a trip to state by one point, but that's racing and that's why we love it. My point is Lowell played by the rules given them and they earned their spot fair and square, fast or not. Perhaps a so called playoff system would weed out the slower teams but until then, they race.

Anonymous said...

SJS Fan brings up a legitimate point with the "Big Three" sports.

We're ONLY using cross country for this argument but overlooking the entire section and the other sports. If change is going to happen, it's going to happen for the entire section and it won't happen just because of one sport.

No matter who favors one "solution" or another, the reality is that the only realistic change that would happen, like one of you said earlier, is that the SF moves into the CCS and the OAL gets absorbed into the NCS. This has been a debate for years now.

The problem with this trickles down the "Big Three" sports. To keep this post as brief as possible, I'll use basketball as an example here.

Those who follow OAL basketball should know the rich history they have. They've had numerous division 1 state championship teams in the past decade or so, and just as many teams that have made it to the state finals.

Why does this matter?

Because some of those state championship winning teams weren't even legitimate division 1 schools. They're school enrollment should have placed them in a different division.

Fremont High, who won the D1 boys state title in 1999 was probably a D3 or 4 school at the time.

Oakland Tech, who won back-to-back D1 state titles on the girls side and had 2 runner-up showings on the boys side, is a borderline D2 school.

Most recently, McClymonds, whose boys team made 3 straight D1 state finals games and won the state title in 2007 is a D5 school based on enrollment (less than 500).

Can you imagine what would happen if McClymonds actually played in D5? I can't say I can predict the outcomes, but I'd assume that some of the NCS coaches would not be too happy, and they'll bring up some of the same issues we're using here for cross country.

Just something to think about before we decided to restructure a few sections for a couple of cross country berths.

Anonymous said...

This debate has been going on for years, and while many good points have been made on both sides, in the end it comes down to politics, unfortunately. There are 13 sections in the CIF, and if the SF and Oakland sectiosn were folded into the CCS and NCS, respectively, then the North would lose two votes on the statewide level.
But the problem is that unlike the LA City Section, which has many leagues and many schools, the SF and Oak sections are just two leagues, with fewer students than most DI or DII sized leagues in other sections. A LEAGUE should not have an automatic entry into any sport run at the State level, track or cross country or wrestling or whatever.
In the CCS, there are leagues with schools from 4 diffferent divisions, and they sort out their playoff qualified schools according to the rules, just like the SF and Oak should...and if Castlemnont or Galileo are DV, then Urban school or York will have to step up in basketball or soccer or whatever...and those shool names are just chosen randomly. For fairness and justice, both of those sections should be dissolved, moved into the CCS and NCS, and one more two miler who cna run 9:13 can go to the State meet in place of a 10:45 runner...

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