Saturday, November 06, 2010

CCS League Finals Newspaper coverage...

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY:  Petersen, Scots Roll to PAL Glory

Cross-country:  Aptos girls surprise coach by winning seventh straight title at SCCAL finals

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Anonymous said...

Good to see Santa Cruz schools step up for the Girls!

I thought SLV had it for sure...and Santa Cruz beat Scotts Valley again! CCS could get very interesting with a #5 stepping up for Aptos. The questions is, will Hagerle be able to run in CCS? She has to have run in half of the league meets to qualify, I don't know if she has done that.

Here's my vote for State spots this Saturday:


1. SI
2. Aptos (if their #5 can run)
3. Sacred Heart
3. Santa Cruz (They make it if Aptos' #5 hasn't run in 50% of league meets)


1. SLV
2. Scotts Valley
3. Half Moon Bay

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