Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Catching up with Division V's Alesandra Roger and Victor Ho

Two more runners tell us about their Stanford experience this past Saturday. Girls' Division V winner, Alesandra Roger (Marin Academy) and Boys' Division V 3rd placer, Victor Ho (Chinese Christian), reflect back to their races. Alesandra repeated her victorious effort from last year although this may have been more difficult, considering the season ending injury she suffered during Track and Field season. Victor improved his Stanford placing from last year's 6th place to 3rd place this year, just missing 2nd place by a mere second. Division V, state meet favorite Aric Van Halen, was the boys winner with a fine sub 16 minute clocking.

Alesandra Roger (Photo courtesy of Margaret Gallagher)

My game plan going into the race was to race for first. I went in with a conservative game plan. Hold back the first mile, get my bearings, see how I was feeling, pick people off and just go for it! It played out the way I had visualized it! I try not to focus on times too much. I did want to run the same time as last year, but my race plan was not really geared toward a fast time.

I was injured during track season. I ran off and on for about a month. I really started base training in mid June. Long runs, miles, time on my feet. My training is going really well this season. I am pretty consistent with workouts and my mileage is right where my coaches want it and at the level that I feel invigorated 90% of the workout, but am not dragging every day.

Back to the race, I caught the lead runner at about the two mile mark up top. I felt good, noticed that I wasn't lagging at all and went for it!

Victor Ho (Photo courtesy of Joe Hartman)

The race went really well for me on Saturday. Charlie Sauter and I were actually working together the entire race on Sat. That was our strategy. We knew that we would die if we tried sticking with Aric. Charlie and I just wanted to beat Hank (Carl) and all the BCL West guys (sorry about that =) ). Essentially, Charlie and I were pacing off Hank Carl the entire way. Besides us, behind Aric, was a guy from Sage Ridge, NV. Then, I started kicking at the tunnel, which is about 800 m from the finish line, and almost caught the Sage Ridge guy. I liked this course a lot, so I really didn't think the course was difficult. It was mostly flat grass. Thanks for your support!

Thank you Alesandra and Victor. AJC

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