Thursday, October 04, 2007

Catching up with Casa Grande's Jacque Taylor

Today, we get to hear from Casa Grande's Jacque Taylor who recorded the fastest time (17:23) at the North Coast Section (NCS) XC meet last year, winning the Division II title. She went on to finish 5th at Woodward Park recording the fastest freshman time in any division. On the track, Jacque also qualified for the state meet by finishing third at the NCS Meet of Champions in the 3200 and went on to record a 4th place finish at the state meet, running a speedy 10:34.39.

Here, she tells us a little about her experiences before joining the Casa Grande Cross Country team her freshman year, her accomplishments from last year and how the season has gone so far for her.

1) How did you get your start in running? When did you first realize you were a pretty good runner?

I started running in the fifth grade. We had a running club at school and I was always able to beat everyone. I then ran some local races and did well in my age group.

2) What was your running experience before you attended Casa Grande HS?
Before running at Casa Grande I ran with Bob Shor and the Santa Rosa Express. I ran in the local USATF junior meets and the USATF junior XC national championships from 2004 through 2006 as well as some road races. The Dipsea is my favorite race of all... I have been running that since 2004 and the last couple of years I have gotten a black shirt. (Top 35 placers at the Dipsea race each receive a black shirt with their finish place posted on the front of the shirt )

3) What was your biggest challenge in your transition to High School running?
There was no challenge. Good work outs and great team members equal a great season!

4) You had a lot of accomplishments last year in both Cross Country and Track and Field. Is there one race that stands out?
Going to State as a freshman in both Cross Country and Track were my greatest accomplishments last year. I felt confident that I would get there, but turning it into reality was the best.

5) What do you do before races to psych yourself up?
I listen to music to stay loose

6) In many of the races, you usually find yourself way out in the lead. How do you handle those races?
It is really hard.. allot harder than people think, but I try to concentrate on the race and to meet my goal for the race. At this point in the season, I have made every target set.

7) Favorite Race Course? Competitor? Workout? Runners you admire?
Favorite Course: Castro Valley and Mt.Sac.,
Favorite Competitor: Nicole Hood.,
Favorite Workout: Speed-work outs on steep hills,
Runner I admire: Sara Bei (Hall)

8) Describe your summer training. What did you do differently this summer to get ready for the 2007 cross country season?

I didn't do anything differently... I ran during the summer, but I didn't put in the mileage just to see how much I could do. Runners that do have a tendency to burn out very early and that is not going to happen to me. I kept my mileage to a minimum of 30 a week and made sure I enjoyed my summer vacation at Disneyland.

9) Favorite traditions of the Casa Grande Cross Country team?
Our traditions include Smoothie runs, running "soup" and wearing our Goucho Gear to the meets.

10) How does running Track and Field help you in Cross Country and vise versa?
Track helps me with my speed and keeps me in shape but I prefer cross country.

11) Individual and team goals that you can share?
We would love to go to the State meet as a team this year, but I believe it will be tight.

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Watch out... the best is yet to come!

Thank you very much Jacque. Continued success this season and beyond. AJC

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