Saturday, October 13, 2007

Legendary distance runners from the past

The following profiles of 10 of the most legendary runners from the past were posted this past summer. If you didn't get a chance to check them out, here is the link:
Top 10 Legendary Runners

They are all from the pre-1980 years before the influx of so many of the great African runners although a couple of the runners I listed had a big part in that running revolution. Are there any other runners you think belong on that list?


Anonymous said...

Is Jim Ryun a possibility? With his World Record, American Record, Silver Medal and his amazing race against Peter Snell and someone else( I can't remember the name).

Albert Caruana said...

Jim Ryan is a possibility. His high school mile record (3:55.3 in 1965) might still be standing if it wasn't for Alan Webb's amazing run at the Prefontaine Classic in 2001.

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