Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Need a new poll idea!

Does anybody out there have a good idea for a poll that pertains to Northern California Cross Country or distance running in general?

Best idea gets their own poll posted to the right.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Anonymous said...

Favorite type of XC course

robhornmath said...

Who inspired you to first become a runner?
A friend

Anonymous said...

best leagues in the NCS

Anonymous said...

best league is a good idea, but i'm not sure you can argue that there is a tougher league than dfal.

Anonymous said...

hahhaha thanks, i think it would be cool to score like top 7 from one league against top 7 from another league....don't underestimate EBAL! : )


Anonymous said...

ebal=good league, no doubt. keep in mind, ebal schools are much larger than dfal schools as a whole, so there are more kids to choose from. dfal schools are small but pack a big punch.

Albert Caruana said...

Keep the ideas coming. Good stuff so far.

Anonymous said...

Best All-time runners or teams in Ncs Ccs etc

Up and coming runners (best sophomores and freshman)

Coolest jerseys

hardest course

Predicted Team Section winner (all divisions)

Anonymous said...

ahhaha i like coolest jerseys!

its different and not as serious as most the other polls.

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