Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Rankings Coming This Week!

Please add your comments regarding recent races such as league meets, Mt. Sac, Mariner etc. under this posting. This coming week, I will post the new Norcal Rankings as well as team and individual rankings for the North Coast Section (NCS). Hank Lawson and Walt VanZant already rank the Central Coast Section (CCS) while Joe Hartman has the San Joaquin Section (SJS) covered.

Let me know if you feel an athlete and/or team deserves to be moved up the rankings or if I missed anybody in the past.

League finals are almost upon us. Let the fun begin!


Anonymous said...

attarian's a madman, he won his race at mt. SAC in 14:59 (i think that would have made him ~3rd for all the boys in all divisions)

Albert Caruana said...

I believe that Mt. Sac and the Woodward courses are practically equal when it comes to comparing times so James just run, at the very least, a very low 15:00m. clocking for Woodward. That is a state championship time right there.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be hard to say that they are equal when comparing times. Look at what Chad Hall ran last year, or the Mercados or Acosta.

Albert Caruana said...

Couple of thoughts on the comparison of the two courses.

I did ask Rich Gonzalez of Dyestatcal about the comparison of the two courses and his response was that the girls run about the same time for the two courses while the boys do run faster at Mt. Sac.

Before the course changed at Mt. Sac, the boys did run about the same time for both courses.

The other thought is do the SS guys run faster at Mt. Sac because they have more experience with the Mt. Sac course?

If you use the data of the course converter on the Lynbrook website, the times are almost equal but I think much of the data is from the old Mt. Sac course.

Anonymous said...

the team rankings for the D-1 boys will be extremely tough! with monte vista with an awesome performance and the deer valley taking a close thrid at Mariner. i do think that DV should be moved up somewhere in that top three at least.(have fun with that Albert)

as far as individuals, consider moving up Kanzaria of Monte Vista and Rin of Deer Valley, they've been pulling it together the second half of the season.

good luck with those boys D-1 rankings!

Anonymous said...

Liberty looks like they're a #5 runner away from being a great team based on yesterday's performance.

Anonymous said...

Do you think deer valley could give amador valley or monte vista a race at NCS. I think with the mariner race they looked very strong. Also Kanzaria came out of nowhere and killed at his last league meet on his home course. He could definatly be up there in the rankings.

Albert Caruana said...

I am writing the preview article for the NCS meet again this year and I am not looking forward to making the picks for the boys' Division 1 race.

It's all going to come down on who runs well on Saturday, November 17th.

Run well and you could be going to state. Run bad and you could finish 7th or 8th. It's that deep this year.

Anonymous said...

when evaluating de la salle's performance, be sure to recognize that one of their top runners had an off day but he will be ready for league/ncs/state. also, look at their sophomore race. they went 1,2,4,5,11 in their race. some of those sophomores will run varsity making DLS even more competitive with top D2 teams like woodcreek and foothill santa ana (and even petaluma)

Anonymous said...

De la Salle has run well in their trimeets against the teams in their league since your last rankings.

Also, I think that you should make it top 7 or top 10 individuals in each section instead of 5. I think that that would give a better outlook of the competition.

Anonymous said...

agreed. top 10 in each division would be cool.

Peter Brewer said...


Here are my thoughts on the D-I boys rankings:
1. Amador Valley -- they slammed the lid on the EBAL in the last center meet, beating Monte Vista handily on Monte Vista's home course. Shaun Daut has been very solid up front since an early season injury. The Amador pack is a very tight group.

2. Monte Vista -- This is not so much that they are that close right now to Amador, but that they are perhaps a half-notch up on Deer Valley. The Mustangs ran very well at Mt. SAC and Kanzaria has been improving each week. Their pack is also a close one.

3. Deer Valley has been running excellently after opening eyes with a narrow dual meet loss to DLS. Matt Rin has the front duties for yet another tight team pack.

4. Castro Valley has the red-hot Jack Leng (Artichoke and Mt. SAC winner) and a very good team 1-2-3 punch. Then they drop to two untested freshmen.

5. Liberty has the dangerous Wyatt Landrum, but they too are in search of a consistently close 5th man.

6. San Ramon, Antioch, Granada -- San Ramon and Granada are virtually identical in team composition, while Antioch boasts top runner Matt Humpreys.

Dmtriy Kislyuks of California has some real jets, but tends to favor the flat courses.
Sam Hyams of Foothill came out of the footnotes to win the Tri-Valley invite, and followed that up with a top finish at the EBAL center meet.

At this point the D-I picture features as much depth as it ever has. Even though Amador has put itself as the clear favorite, team time comparisons show that it only takes one slight slump to open the door for any other team. Monte Vista has shown themselves strong, and Deer Valley has improved to the point that they were but a few points back of Jesuit at the Mariner. And then with a month left before NCS MOC, questions still abound. Can Castro Valley and Liberty solved the 4th and 5th man conundrum? And Granada and San Ramon pull 20 second improvements out of each runner? Will Humphreys be able to pull his teammates along?

Prognosis: Whatever befalls, this team race will be decided not in the top 5, or even the top 10 runners, but in the 15 seconds it will take runners 20 through 40 to cross the finish line. It is a shame that NCS will only take two teams this year out of this division.

Albert Caruana said...

Peter, that's an awesome breakdown of Division I. Thank you very much.

I agree with you that the NCS Division I boys deserve more than two teams at the state meet this year. This is the best depth I have seen in Div. I in my experience with the NCS.

The positive will be that the fans will be treated to a great race on the 17th.

Anonymous said...

since the DI boys race is so competitive, do you think that next year NCS DI will be givern 3 stae berths?

Albert Caruana said...

Peter Brewer can better explain how the section allotments are handled but they are based on the performance of teams at the state meet.

The sad part is NCS had 3 state meet berths last year and lost one this year when it would have been well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be changed? (more spots for D1 VB)

Or is the number of spots set in stone?

Albert Caruana said...

The entries for this year are set in stone.

You can view all the entries from each section at the following link:
2007 CIF Automatic Entries per Section

Anonymous said...

Mt Sac times run about 15-20 seconds faster for boys than Woodward per my calculations. Watch out for Petaluma..... Other than Loyola I do not think anyone can run with them D-2 in the State. Petaluma could run 3-4 guys in the first 5 at NCS.

Anonymous said...

dv looked very good against both petaluma and jesuit this weekend at mariner. also moreau boys ran surprisingly well against st. marys considering sm is ranked 4th in state. Attarian at SAC was nothing short of spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I think times will be better at State because it is a shorter drive to Woodward. Less leg cramping.

Anonymous said...

"Petaluma could run 3-4 guys in the first 5 at NCS."

i read in the newspaper that petaluma had one of their top runners out of commission at mariner, will he be ready to rock and roll for league and NCS?

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