Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nutritional advice for athletes

The following are links from presentations made by Leslie Bonci, who is director of sports medicine nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. You can read her complete bio. which I linked to her name. She has spoken at many schools throughout the nation including two Bay Area schools, Crystal Springs Uplands School and Sacred Heart Cathedral. I think she has a really good approach when it comes to nutrition for athletes and is worth the read.

First is her Powerpoint presentation courtesy of the Sacred Heart Cathedral school website:
Leslie Bonci's Athletic's Checklist presentation

Second is her handout also from the SHC school website:
Performance Eating, What Every Athlete Should Know

The following are her links for the following topics courtesy of the University of Redlands website:
Athlete's Food Lists (includes female, male and football student-athletes)
Nutrition Conditioning Goals for Athletes
Take Care of You: Strategies For Your Well-Being

I wouldn't recommend making too many radical changes in your diet at first. It's best to make a few minor changes to start your transition toward healthy eating to fuel your athletic experience.

Leslie's email address are posted on her handouts. Feel free to contact her with any questions.

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