Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching up with Woodcreek's Garrett Seawell

Today's interview is with one of the members of Northern California's #2 ranked cross country team, Woodcreek's Garrett Seawell. After a solid Track and Field sophomore season, Seawell has really come into his own this fall winning his first ever high school cross country races. That is no small feat considering his teammate, Chris Romo, was ranked 21st on Dyestatcal's CIF-State Preseason Cross-Country California Boys "Fab 40". With a solid five, Woodcreek was ranked 3rd. in the latest Division II state rankings behind nationally ranked Loyola and Ventura. This could indeed by a very special season for the Roseville school.

Thank you to Garrett for giving us a perspective from the San Joaquin Section, one of the strongest sections in California.

1) How did you get your start in running cross country?
The pe teachers in middle school told me to run so i tried it and started winning races without going to any practices (I was playing football lol).

2) What sports have you played or do you play other than cross country?
I played all the basics as a kid but only track and xc since freshman year.

3) Describe your summer training? Did Woodcreek go to a team camp or go to a location together?
The summer training for the team went very well this year. We all were focused and had a goal this year. I personally wished to get a little more miles but I'm fine with it. We went to Runners Workshop in Tahoe. It was a really fun time and the trails were awesome. There were some college and high school coaches there and some cool college runners as councilors.

4) How's the season gone so far for you and the team?
The season is going great this year. We are faster than we thought and our 4 and 5 guys are really coming up great. We went from a 75 second gap to a 35 second gap so far which is great for the team come sections and state. Me personally, I'm very happy with how I'm doing this year. I've pr'd every course I've ran at and have won two races which were my first every high school xc wins.

5) Describe the training area around Woodcreek HS. Where do you guys do most of your runs? Intervals?
Well the school itself has a 2-3 trails near it which is where we run some of our runs but we also are lucky because we are close to different places like folsom lake and lake natoma which have tons of trails to run at. We also run over at sierra college for some runs.

6) Woodcreek has three very strong individuals that includes you. How do you guys handle practices and races when most of the time, your own teammates are your closest challengers?
During races we compete but its more of us pushing each other to be the best we can. We will help the others if they are having a bad day or something. Sure its good to beat them every now and then lol but it doesnt really matter who wins between us as long as we all do good. The training it helps beacuse there is a pack to run with and push you. Since our 4 and 5 guys have closed the gap, it helps us at practices and races because we have 5 guys that can push each other and help out.

7) The SJS has really been impressive with many of the top individuals and teams in the state. Did that help raise the standard for you or your team?
Yeah, it really made us work hard towards our goals. We just say hey these guys are training this hard and running these times and they live near us so we can do the same. It's especially good to have a team like Jesuit in the section who has won sections 15 years in a row because it gives a goal to the teams each season. This makes them work hard because they know they have a target on their backs. Also, individually it helps because you get to run with these fast guys during the season so when state comes along you are ready to run against people just as fast as you.

8) Looking back at your running career, can you pinpoint a time when you made the transition to the runner you are today?
Well I enjoyed running ever since I started in middles school but I think during my sophomore season is when running really became a passion for me. That season I started running good times and was actually number 1 for my team for 2 meets and I proved to my self that I could run with the big guys. Plus I started focusing on running and lost some weight and started doing stuff to help me become faster like eating healthy and doing core work etc.

9) With the high ranking your team has received comes expectations. How do you deal with those expectations at each race? Can you share some of your individual and team goals?
We know we have to come ready to race every week because we have a target on our backs and people are coming for us. But it also helps us work harder to prove that we are good and possibly better. For team goals, a podium finish would be great since the best the school has ever finished is 11th, which has happened twice. Individually, I hope I can get top 10 at state.

10) In your running career, what's been your favorite moment in cross country?
My favorite moment running wise in xc would be when I won my first hs xc race last month at the trojan invite. I was so excited to finally win a race plus it was the first time my school had ever beaten jesuit so that made it even better.

11) Favorite Course. Favorite workout. Runners you admire? Favorite competitor(s)? Favorite tradition at Woodcreek XC?
My course is a tie between woodward and willow hills (sjs section course). I dont really have a favorite. I like them all lol. Runners I look up to are my teammates, dathan ritzenhein, and pre. My favorite guys to compete against are jesuit guys and james tracy ( i mean any guy who runs 6 laps of a 3200 without a shoe is gonna be fun to race against.) Favorite tradition umm I dont know we dont really have any that I can think of.

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Thanks for your time and see everyone on the course.

Thank you Garrett! AJC

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