Sunday, October 21, 2007

Top 10 Mt. SAC times for CCS, NCS and SJS

The following are the top 10 individuals in the sections mentioned above. It's very possible that I could have missed a name (or two) so please let me know if somebody was left off the list.

The lists also don't include some notable performances from the Oakland and Northern Section which are listed below.

Central Coast Section Boys (Courtesy of Hank Lawson)
1) Diego Estrada Alisal 15:04
2) Garrett Rowe Mt. View 15:24
3) Michael Machado NMC 15:28
4) Michael Johnson Los Gatos 15:38
5) Brad Surh Carlmont 15:57
6) Manuel Esparza NMC 15:57
7) Ian Myer Mt. View 15:58
8) Austin Logie Carlmont 16:00
9) Darius Terry Piedmont Hills 16:03
10) Chris Proffitt SLV 16:05

North Coast Section Boys
1) James Attarian Dublin 14:59
2) Jack Leng Castro Valley 15:17
3) Nate Beach Acalanes 15:37
4) Jeremy Grace Dublin 15:40
5) Sam Hyams Foothill 15:51
6) Hank Carl South Fork 15:57
7) Bhavik Kanzaria Monte Vista 16:03
8) Mike Roderick Monte Vista 16:04
9) Eric Johnson DLS 16:06
10) Spencer Sheaff DLS 16:07
Kenny Smith Willits 16:07

San Joaquin Section Boys
1) Garrett Seawell Woodcreek 15:09
2) Kenny Durell Davis 15:31
3) Chris Haworth Kennedy 15:34
4) Chris Romo Woodcreek 15:43
5) Patrick Ferrell Fairfield 15:58
6) Amjed Aboukhadijeh Oak Ridge 16:04
7) Cameron Mitchell Woodcreek 16:11
8) Feross Aboukhadijeh Oak Ridge 16:29
9) Josh Higgins Oak Ridge 16:33
10) Travis Airola Bret Harte 16:38

Central Coast Section Girls (Courtesy of Hank Lawson)
1) Jennifer Bergman Valley Christian SJ 17:57
2) Hayley Pascale Carlmont 18:32
3) Sammy Hamilton HMB 18:34
4) Justine Fedronic Carlmont 18:41
5) Mary Rhoades Carlmont 19:07
6) Alex Westbrook Mt. View 19:08
7) Jessie Peterson Carlmont 19:14
8) Kristine Talbot Mt. View 19:18
9) Georgia Cottong Carlmont 19:27
10) Alice Twu Piedmont Hills 19:32

North Coast Section Girls
1) Jacque Taylor Casa Grande 17:16
2) Nicole Hood Carondelet 17:24
3) Sarah Sumpter Healdsburg 17:27
4) Diana George Livermore 17:52
5) Kellie Houser Carondelet 18:11
6) Heather Cerney Carondelet 18:22
7) Sara Alliotti Carondelet 18:53
8) Dominique Ratto Casa Grande 19:02
9) Robin Roque Livermore 19:06
10) Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley 19:08

San Joaquin Section Girls
1) Laurynne Chatelat Davis 17:15
2) Crystal Esparza Beyer 18:07
3) Sable Browning Merced 18:36
4) Stephany Uriostegui Atwater 18:40
5) Jonah Weeks Davis 18:43
6) Maddie Hall Davis 18:53
7) Hillary Kigar El Camino 19:06
8) Sam Reardon Beyer 19:13
9) Nora Nowell Davis 19:18
10) Katie O'Connor Bret Harte 19:30

Oakland Section Boys
Sean Purcell Skyline 15:32
Andrew Sylvester Skyline 15:35
Ryan Purcell Skyline 15:42

Northern Section Girls
Maggie Strong Mt. Shasta 19:17
Natalie Sojka Mt. Shasta 19:39
Cynthia Laiacona Mt. Shasta 19:47


Peter Brewer said...


Check out the Castro Valley girls' times in the Individual Sweepstakes race. We had 4 girls in the low 19:00's.

Peter Brewer

Albert Caruana said...

Will do. I knew there had to be races I didn't download.

Thanks for catching that.

Anonymous said...

in the ncs girls, #10 is "ashley chavez" not stephanie

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Wow fast Skyline.

Unknown said...

im now feeling the double-edged nature of these rankings...i like being able to look at rivals' times, but now ive become transparent myself :(

(not telling you to desist by any means, this is a handy and excellent service you provide us with)

Runninruben said...

Sable Browning from Merced High School and Stephanie (long last name) from Atwater High School both ran in the 18's and are from the SJS. Sable is in Div I and Stephanie Div II

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you Ruben. Both runners have been added.

Peter Brewer said...


Take a look at race 22, where the Willits boy won with a 16:04.


Albert Caruana said...

Peter, I have Kenny Smith down already with a winning time of 16:07. I double checked the results and that is the correct time.

Anonymous said...

NCS Boys, Sam Hyams from Foothill, ran 15:51

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for catching the Sam Hyams error. I will fix it right now.

I wish they would list the section of each school on the results like they do at Stanford. It was really difficult finding all the Northern California schools without the section next to each school.

Jason J said...

hillary kigar (el camino-sac) 19:06 is from the SJS

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