Sunday, May 04, 2014

Payton Jordan Invitational Live Results

Some notable former NorCal HS runners.

3000m. Steeplechase Women
Sara Hall Montgomery HS 9:42.10
Megan Bordes Redwood HS 10:47.11
Danielle Katz Los Gatos HS 10:57.33

800m. Women
Justin Fedronic Carlmont HS 2:02.38
Shannon Rowbury Sacred Heart Cathedral HS 2:02.58
Brett Zorich Monte Vista HS 2:07.18

800m. Men
Cole Williams Urban HS 1:50.68
Nathanael Litwiller Clayton Valley HS 1:51.18
Eugene Hamilton III Bishop O'Dowd 1:52.71

5000m. Men
Erik Olson Novato HS 13:36.91
Diego Estrada Alisal HS 13:41.45
Weston Strum Pioneer HS 13:50.64
Thomas Joyce Campolindo HS 13:57.31
John Lawson Sir Francis Drake 14:03.78

5000m. Women
Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley HS 15:52.94
Carrie Verdon Campolindo HS 15:59.83
Alycia Cridebring College Park HS 16:03.90
Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley HS 16:22.64
Mel Lawrence Reno HS 16:23.48

10000m. Women
Kim Conley Montgomery HS 31:48.71
Alia Gray Maria Carrillo HS 32:57.85
Kaitlin Gregg Davis HS 33:24.54

10000m. Men
Brendan Gregg Davis HS 28:28.54

Feel free to add anybody I missed in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

7 Kelsey Santisteban California Castro Valley HS 15:52.94

Anonymous said...

Fyi, it's Payton with an 'a'....

Anonymous said...

What happened to Eugene Hamilton didn't he run faster last year?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Eugene Hamilton didn't he run faster last year? Two word answer Tony Sandoval

Albert Caruana said...

Payton...thank you.

In regards to Eugene Hamilton III, he is a freshman in college. Sometimes it takes a transition year to get back to your high school times and faster.

Anonymous said...

The fact that's he's ran about a second within his PR considering he's adapting to an entirely new training program is pretty impressive..
and whoever is bashing tony sandoval..
maybe you didn't see, but Thomas Joyce ran 13:57.. oh yeah, and FOUR FLAT IN THE MILE.
Lawson- at true freshman just ran 14:03. NCS kids know whats up. give hamilton some time.

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