Friday, May 23, 2014

North Coast Section (NCS) Heat Sheets

Redwood Empire:
NCS Class A:  NCS Class A heat/flight sheets (NEW) Scroll down for heat sheets
Tri-Valley:  Tri-Valley Meet Program (NEW)
Bayshore: Performance Sheets (NEW)

Any interesting match-ups this weekend?  Most competitive event?  What will be the hardest event to advance to the NCS MOC Semis?


Andrew said...

wow Huxham already dropped the 1600.

Bay Shore heats should be out soon.

Anonymous said...

Huxham is smart. He's NCS #1 ranked in both the 1600 and 3200 and beat everyone head to head this season. He could double and would most likely win at both NCS and MOC, but then he'd be less fresh at State. Great decision.

Anonymous said...

Tri-Valley Heat Sheets:

Anonymous said...

^ or rather, performance lists.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to tri-valley performance list. why are the CIF at-large marks listed? Doesn't an athlete have to hit those marks in the NCS MOC meet? also, looks like those times are previous year marks, not 2014

Courtney said...

I am not the person who posted the link tot eh TV perf lists, but I can comment on the times listed. I believe those are not the season best times from 2014, but rather the times that the athletes ran at their league meets, which were the qualifying meets for the TV area meet.

Anonymous said...

@ Courney,

2:36 was talking about the CIF state at-large marks listed in the Tri-Valley sheets. He is right, those times are the qualifying times from last year, not this year. Probably a mistake


Yes, athletes have to hit the CIF at-large times during Meet of Champions to advance to state (or place in the top 3). For some reason they always list both the MOC and CIF at-large standards in the results.

Anonymous said...

no Bayshore still?

Albert Caruana said...

No Bayshore yet.

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