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Saturday, May 24, 2014

NorCal Section Action Live Results Links

Can't attend of of the meets below?  No problem.  Here are the links to live results.

North Coast Section

Central Coast Section


Anonymous said...

Girls 1600 at TriValley meet looked special with first 3 girls within a half second at 4:54. Great job by Brooke Starn, Chloe Hansel, and Brighie Leach.

Anonymous said...

Is Alexis Robinson the 400m 46.55 400 meter runner from Eurkea running track this year?

Anonymous said...

Any Class A results?

Andrew said...

@Anonymous 3:03 PM.

Yes, Robinson ran track this year, but according to athletic.net (the site the HDNL used for meets mostly), he did not race at league prelims and is thus done for the season.

Hopefully he focuses on transitioning to college at Baylor.

Anonymous said...

those 1600 times from TriValley are INSANE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bayshore results?

Anonymous said...

Why did they want to make the 3200 one heat in CCS to save time when there was literally 20-25 minutes between heats. Add more heats to make more on gate sales, shirts, concessions or tighten up the schedule. It was really bad today. The length of the meet was fine, but the dead time was such a downer on an otherwise great meet.

Andrew said...

Bay Shore results (just qualifiers) plus a story. Hopefully the full results come out soon. See you all next week at UC Berkeley!


Albert Caruana said...

Just saw Olson's time from Tri-Valley and now need to pick my jaw off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Oslon was a state finalist last year, and comes from a great program no shocker, just used Hurlock and out kicked him,

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