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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blair Hurlock talks about placing 12th at the PAUSATF XC Championships

Blair Hurlock, sophomore at De La Salle HS in Concord, CA, placed 12th at the PAUSATF Championships in Golden Gate Park on November 20, 2011. His time was 32:36 for the 6 mile course.


Anonymous said...

So he is now attending De La Salle HS? Is he ineligible to compete for their team?

Albert Caruana said...

Correct. He will be eligible to run at Footlocker though and will be competing for DLS next school year.

Anonymous said...

32:36 is quite a time, and improvement from last year. Nice work man.

Albert Caruana said...

On a sloppy, wet course. It's REALLY impressive.

Andrew said...

This is a damn good, but is top 10 at FLW really that reasonable? Is he also not eligible to run track?

hank said...


Here's the tall and the short of it (the course I mean). By the time the Open Men ran, the course had been beat up by the women & the Masters, it was total slop out there slowing folks down by 3-4 minutes for the 6 mile course.


Albert Caruana said...

I think he may have a shot at top 10 at FLW. While all the other runners are totally focused on the state meet after their section races, Blair has had his focus on FL. Maybe this will have a similar result as Julie Nacouzi had last year.

As for track, I believe he has to sit out the entire school year.

Anonymous said...

Here are the full results of the race Hurlock was in. Although the course was very much slowed by conditions, I doubt that it was slowed by as much as 3-4 minutes. That said, 2 minutes is possible. Check out some of the names that might be familiar on the local scene.

1. Phil Reid-Cal Poly Alum and sub 30 10k guy (maybe sub 29, not sure)

6. Ganbileg Bor- I forget the high school, but he was a CCS stud.

12. Hurlock

24. Kota Reichert-Alameda Alum

25. Donald Plazola-Former CCS stud (is it obvious that I'm an NCS guy yet?)

37. Michael Zanetti-Montgomery High School Alum

38. Robert Van Wyck-De La Salle Alum. Brother of last year's pole vault champ James Van Wyck.

39. Jason Oswalt-AKA Ozzie, the Amador Valley Coach and D1 rankings guy.

45. Jin Daikoku-Lowell Alum, went to the University of Arizona. Ran like 4:10 in hs.

57. Kevin Selby-Former De La Salle coach. Flotrak guy.

60. Enrique Henriquez-Moreau Catholic Coach

I'm sure I missed some people. Who are they?

To echo above comments, this is year in and year out the highest quality post-collegiate amateur field in Northern California. Hurlock's performance is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

ineligible meaning what? grades, practice/meet attendance? or is he a transfer student? because 32:36 for a sophomore is an incredible time. that equates to like a 15:30 for a 3mile. de la salle won handily w/o him at NCS, but they could've really made a statement at the state meet with him.

Albert Caruana said...

Transfer. He ran at Tracy HS as a freshman.

Anonymous said...

I heard he ran a 6k in like 18:23 coming through the 5k in 15:15...

Anonymous said...

you have to sit out a year if you transfer HS?

Albert Caruana said...

That is usually the case now. You can compete at the JV level I believe but not varsity.

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