Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cross Country Is…

I posted the link on Twitter and Facebook and it's worth posting on here as well. Great post about what Cross Country is by Greg Hall. Here is the beginning part with the link to the full post below. Which one is your favorite?
I wrote my Baseball Is… verse in 1994 as the MLB players went on strike and I feared my son would grow up wondering what this wonderful sport was all about.
My Cross Country Is… verse comes from my experiences with the sport since the 1970s and continues today as I photograph many of the high school meets in the Kansas City area and beyond. I hope you enjoy it.
Cross Country Is…
Cross Country is not simply about the race. Cross Country is all about what you do to prepare for the race.
Cross Country is sitting in the school gym during the football team’s Friday afternoon pep rally consumed in thought about your race the next morning.
Cross Country is your alarm clock rudely reminding you on a humid July morning that your competition is not sleeping in.
Cross Country is a team sport that requires incredible individual efforts.

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