Monday, September 07, 2015

Monte Vista Invitational Meet Preview (Thanks to MVHS girls coach, Mandee Starn)

Results will be posted ASAP
The 32nd annual Monte Vista Invitational will be held Tuesday, September 8th at Oak Hill Park In Danville. The challenging 2 mile course, famous for the Eliminator Hill with its grueling 9% grade, pits 1500 athletes from 20 Northern California high schools against others of the same grade, versus the more traditional varsity, junior varsity and freshman/sophomore categories found in other meets.

On the girls side, the race to watch this year is the senior girls race which features three nationally ranked women: course record holder Chloe Hansel of Las Lomas, Megan McCandless of Granada and Brooke Starn of Monte Vista. These three ran 3 of the top 4 fastest times in the history of the course last year as juniors. 

The last race of the day is the freshmen girls, always a highlight as it inevitably marks the debut of runners that will have an impact this season on the varsity standings. This year's race showcases Cassidy Haskell of Miramonte, Kate and Emma Tavella of San Ramon Valley High School and Lauren Cervantes of Monte Vista, all of whom have impressive middle school credentials.

The boys senior race will also feature some of the top runners in the NCS, with Cameron Gaskell of Acalanes, Stefan Bradley of San Ramon, Tom Robey and Daniel Jarvis of Las Lomas, Tim Chrisman of Monte Vista, and Jon Jon Monsalud from James Logan mixing it up and looking to add their names to the list of top 10 times run on the course. In the other boys' races, runners to keep an eye on are Juniors Daniel Maneloveg and Tristan Miller, Monte Vista; Neil Braganza, Dougherty Valley; Michael Leonard, California, as well as Sophomores Tommy Bell, Dougherty Valley; Luke Guisto and Harrison Fisher of De la Salle.

Course Records
Top 10 Girls:
1. Chloe Hansel- 11:55, Current Senior from Las Lomas, (NXN finalist 2014; 3200 PR 11:04 and 1600 PR: 4:54)
2. Megan McCandless- 12:12, Current Senior from Granada, (track state finalist in 3200 and 1600 in 2012 and 2013, 3200 PR 10:32 and 1600 PR 4:54)
3. Jena Pianin- 12:14, Amador Valley high school class of 2013, Currently running at Northwestern University
4. Brooke Starn- 12:20, Current Senior from Monte Vista (track state medalist in the 1600, 2013 and 2014; 3200 PR 10:29 and 1600 PR 4:48)
5. Kelsey Santisteban- 12:23, Castro Valley High School class of 2011, Currently running at UC Berkeley
6. Carina Novell- 12:28, Granada High School class of 2012, ran at Saint Mary’s College 
7. Colleen Lillig- 12:31 California High School class of ran at UC Irvine
8. Madison Ricks- 12:32, California High School class of 2014 currently running at USC
9. Sophie Hartley- 12:37, Granada High School class of 2014, currently running at UC Santa Barbara
10. Diana George- 12:38, Livermore High School class of 2009, ran at Colorado and Cal Poly

Top 10 Guys:
1. Danny Stalters-10:37.1, Northgate High School class of 2013, currently running for Cal Poly
2. Nolan Peterson-10:42.0, Washington High School class of 2014, Currently running for Northern Arizona
3. Jason Intravaia-10:42.5, San Ramon Valley High School class of 2014, currently running for Las Positas
4. Jackson Crose-10:43.4, Livermore High School class of 2014
5. Mike Roderick-10:44.4, Monte Vista High School class of 2009
6. Peter Schlachte-10:45.2, Amador Valley High School class of 2014, currently running for Wake Forest 
7. Alex Summers- 10:46.2, Granada High School class of 2010, ran for UC Davis
8. Ben Eversole-10:47.8, Castro Valley High School class of 2011, currently running for Colombia 
9. Tyler Olson-10:48.3, Livermore High School class of 2014
10. Matt DeVries-10:48.7, San Ramon Valley class of 2013

Schools participating in the 2015 MV INVITE:

Monte Vista - host
1. St Marys College HS
2. San Ramon Valley
3. Miramonte
4. Acalanes
5. Granada
6. Albany
7. Foothill
8. Liberty
9. Heritage
10. Livermore
11. California
12. Carondelet / De La Salle
13. Northgate
14. Dougherty Valley
15. Mission San Jose
16. Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep
17. Las Lomas
18. James Logan
19. Antioch
20. Amador Valley

Race Start time
 Junior Boys 4:00
 Junior Girls 4:25
 Sophomore Boys 4:50
 Sophomore Girls 5:15
 Senior Boys 5:45
 Senior Girls 6:10
 Freshman Boys 6:35
 Freshman Girls 7:00


Coach Ozzie said...

I believe Jackson Crose is currently running for Northern Arizona

Anonymous said...

Las Lomas's Danny Jervis was overlooked. He was 3rd last year as a junior, 5 seconds faster than Chrisman, and 32 faster than Bradley. He and Robey are both strong at the top for the Knights

Unknown said...

Thanks Ozzie-Can anyone confirm that Jackson Crose is at NAU? I don't see him on their track or XC roster, but he could be red shirting?
YES-Big miss re: Jervis! Clearly he is a favorite in the Guy's Senior race!

Anonymous said...

Jackson Crose is running at NAU and graduated high school in 2015

Anonymous said...

You got games on yo phone?

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