Thursday, September 03, 2015

2015 Meeting of the Marauders video

Jesuit has already been impressive this season with another dominating effort at the Del Oro Opening Night Invitational yesterday (taking top 4 spots). Below is a video of their 8/22 23rd Annual Meeting of the Marauders (2.71 mile course) that saw the top 5 runners surpass the team record that was set by the 2006 team by 2 minutes. The top three finishers also surpassed the previous individual record (13:43).


Anonymous said...

Just curious: For how many years has Jesuit been running this "Meeting of the Marauders" video? I'm wondering if the previous individual record was set by one of the Mastalir brothers back in 85/86 or so?

Anonymous said...

If you are curious about any of the records, Coach Lange uses to document the history of the program. I can ask him about it and post in the next week or so. Unlike many teams, he also puts all the workouts up for public consumption, no secrets and nothing to hide. I don't recall if it is was Stember or the Mastalir's, that also played soccer the same time as they ran? On the site, the records for Meeting of the Marauders only go back to 2009, it might be that they changed the course? At the Jesuit Interactive portion of the page, he has posted some really cool old videos of the Mastalir's, Stember, etc.

Albert Caruana said...

This was the 23rd annual Meeting of the Marauders and the previous record was set in 2006.

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