Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Sac-Joaquin Section Divisions for 2015 XC season

I may have missed some teams moving but here are the ones that I found. Most teams moved down a division which is a good thing as they can compete against schools more their size.
Granite Bay II from I
St. Francis II from I
Lodi II from I
Bella Vista II from I
Tokay II from I
Merced II from I
Nevada Union II from I
Rio Linda II from III
Del Oro III from II
Cordova III from II
Central Valley III from II
Mira Loma III from II
Lincoln (SJ) III from II
McNair III from II
Sierra IV from III
Los Banos IV from III
Woodland IV from III
Lathrop IV from III
Center IV from III
Liberty Ranch IV from III
Weston Ranch IV from III
Encina V from IV
What are the biggest changes from the 2014 season?


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really shakes up who are the boys favorites going in...

With that shifting, now D1/D3 are the deepest but the toughest to qualify will be D1 which only has two spots.

Albert Caruana said...

Hopefully some of those teams that moved down can compete for a higher spot at the state meet in their new divisions.

Anonymous said...

I guess they have to draw the line somewhere, but it makes it crazy hard for D1 SJS teams to compete against D1 Southern Section Teams that have 3 times the enrollment. Can't complain though with what McFarland has had to deal with over the years in their section. The the occasional individual will qualify (one last year), the team will never have a shot as a D1 school with their D3/4 enrollment.

Albert Caruana said...

In defense of the Southern Section teams, the state qualifying teams have to beat way more great teams than any other section. You can't compare the depth of the SS with any other section in the state.

Anonymous said...

Devianna Salcedo will push the McFarland girls to a section title, then top 10 finish at state. Remember this post.

Anonymous said...

Division are all screwed up. D1 there is a 900 student different ratio, D2 300 students, D3 3 400 students, D4 700 students and D5 600 and Below.

Opinion: The messed up Divisions are Div1 and Div4 are truly the hardest. Division 1 all large school and Division 4 seems to have big schools and small schools because of the spread! Southern seems to run the state, now SJS is getting into it.

Question: Why is there only 5 Divisions in California Largest populated state and Oregon and Washington have more divisions!

Mark said...

D1 might only have two spots but there really are not that many good teams. Davis and Jesuit and woodcreek can now walk the course and qualify. D1 is NOT a deep or difficult division. The girls will eventually lose a spot to state because of Bella Vistas' and St francis' move to d2. D2 is now, by far, the toughest, which has generally been the case for a long while. D3 is very good as well with Del Oro moving in with el dorado, placer, Rio, vista del lago. D4 is also very weak. But that is always the case as well. As a whole our section is not that competitive in the middle. There is a big drop off after about 30 schools across all the divisions. I think most of our top programs should be D3 or D4. We would eventually have greater representation at state and a more competitive section meet because it would be harder to qualify for the finals from subs, which everyone in the state knows is a farce of a meet as it stands right now. More competition brings greater effort by coaches and athletes. I think there are really good coaches at these 30 schools that stress the year long effort to be really good and really show the kids how to be winners while infusing the wonderful camraderie that CC teams are known for. After those schools, there is not a lot of effort into being great programs.

hkuphaldt said...


I disagree. It is far too early to say with regard to D1 difficulty. Armijo is going to be tough too, Cosumnes Oaks does not look too bad either considering the Lodi Flame results. On the Boys side that means there will be 3-5 good teams fighting for 2 spots. It will not be a cakewalk in D1! In D2 I would say Oakmont, BV, Granite Bay, Atwater, Del Campo, Merced and perhaps Whitney will be fighting for the 3 spots. D3 will have the usual good teams ... Placer, El Dorado, Vista, Del Oro fighting for 3 spots. The slight change over last year (6 teams moved out of D1 to D2 and the flowed down to D4) has balanced the power a bit in the Section. Last year most of the power was in D1. Even though D4 has the most teams, I would still argue that in the SJS it will still be the weakest division.

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