Friday, September 18, 2015

Northern California Cross Country Results

Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) #1 at Westmoor HS

Bay Counties League (BCL) West at China Camp

Bay Counties League (BCL) West at Golden Gate Park

Bay Counties League (BCL) East
Results link here

9/16 at Spring Lake (SCL and CMC Interlock)

SCCAL #1 at Pinto Lake


Anonymous said...

Aptos boys had a pretty good race. Is Pinto Lake generally an easier course than Crystal?

Anonymous said...

Pinto Lame is much more difficult! You wouldn't know this but it is 3.3 miles and a net elevation gain of 437 feet. It is a brutal course.

Anonymous said...

Really, Aptos boys got beat by SV and SF? Pinto is a lot easier than Crystal. It's also a short course more like 2.9 miles!

Anonymous said...

Ran the course today. It's very flat and felt much more shorter than Crystal.

Anonymous said...

Is pinto generally flat? I've also heard it's mostly concrete as well

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Soquel's top runner, Hannah Martin? She was seen training all summer at Nisene and led the Junior girls pack at Earlybird -- but didn't finish. I think she had a top 50 finish at the Wharf to Wharf? She didn't run at the first league meet either.

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