Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stanford Invitational Today

You can find all the results at the first link posted below. I will have all sorts of data added sometime tonight as well as tomorrow and will post the 2nd version of the NCS rankings. In the meantime, feel free to post your comments below about today's races. Most impressive? Biggest surprise? What else?

Also, if you have any pictures or videos that you would like to share from the meet, please send them to and I will be happy to post them.

You can find a meet preview of today's Stanford Invitational here:

Live Results link:

I will be tweeting updates @CCExpress and @MilesplitCA

I will also post pictures and videos on Instagram @albertjcaruana

Feel free to add any predictions and/or updates in the comment section below. 

Best of luck to all competitors today.


Anonymous said...

There's a problem with the results. Race #2 (d4 Girls) is overlaying race #1 and race#3 results.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cooper Teare of SJND for a sub 15 performance winning the D5 boys race and second overall behind Philip Rocha of Arcata (the only 2 sub 15 runners in the Stanford Invitational).

Anonymous said...

Any results from Westmoor?

Anonymous said...

4:16 *Arcadia. If we had Rocha at Arcata it would be spectacular :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Kiera Marshall of SJND for placing 2nd in the D5 girls race and
for her team's 3rd place finish!

Anonymous said...

4:39 Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was just a threshold run for O'Keeffe today, btw

Anonymous said...

A great day for the Santa Cruz County girls.
Santa Cruz 1st in D4 and Aptos 1st in D3.
They also had the 3rd & 4th fastest team times.

Three girls under 18 min:
Cate Ratliff, Santa Cruz, 2nd fastest time of the day (16:49!!!)
Marea Zlatunich, Aptos, 3rd fastest time of the day (17:33)
Mari Freidman, Santa Cruz, 8th fastest time of the day (17:48)

Anonymous said...

Very impressed by Jesuit and their tight 1-5 spread, which is exactly what you need for post season success. Once Kurdy gets back to being himself, their 1-2 (with an emerging Holland) could have podium potential at state. Also pleasantly surprised to see a sophomore as the number one man of powerful Bellarmine, already looking like a good bet for a top team spot at state next year. Rocha, as the returning state champion was a joy to watch in a rare NorCal appearance. I've also seen Armijo's Grijalva go through some growing pains and is now emerging as a talent who could do some damage at State. Obviously there is still a ton of talent in SoCal, but it seems like Northern California teams and individuals are primed to do better come state than any time in recent memory.

Anonymous said...

No more excuses for Kurdy he raced stupid yesterday. Your not nursing an injury when you go out with leaders for first 1.5 of race after running 3 races prior. He's talented athlete that appears to be back just needs to race a bit smarter. But yes Jesiit is a machine right now

Albert Caruana said...

First of all, it's You are and not your as in You are not nursing an injury. It's tough to get past someone's argument when you can't use proper grammar and post anonymously.

Also, there is no reason for calling a high schooler's race strategy stupid. That was the Stanford Invitational which took place at the not quite halfway point in the season. It's another step toward great running in November. I would rather have runners make mistakes now and learn from them. As a coach, I would also rather have an athlete who takes risks than one who runs safely in every race.

Jesuit now has two really strong runners up front. What other team has a 9:09.91 3200 meter runner as their #2 man? There are not many and if Jesuit is truly going to compete in Division I and give themselves a shot to make NXN, Sean Kurdy is going to play a big part in those accomplishments.

"Take into account that great love and great achievements require great risk" . Dalai Lama

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