Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Northern California Cross Country Awards

Now that the 2013 XC season is complete, here are my awards for this past cross country season.
2011 Award Winners
2012 Award Winners
Feel free to share your comments below.

Most Valuable Runner (boys)-Aidan Goltra Campolindo/Blair Hurlock De La Salle
Most Valuable Runner (girls)-Fiona O'Keeffe Davis

Most Impressive Performance (boys)-Aidan Goltra at CA State XC Meet
Most Impressive Performance (girls)-Fiona O'Keeffe at CA State XC Meet

Most Impressive Performance (boys' team)-St. Joseph Notre Dame at NCS MOC Meet
Most Impressive Performance (girls' team)-Davis HS at CA State Meet

Most Inspirational (boys)-Blair Hurlock De La Salle (NCS)
Most Inspirational (girls)-Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley (CCS)

Most Improved Runner (boys)-Andrew Brown Jesuit (SJS)
Most Improved Runner (girls)-Bridget Gottlieb Monta Vista (CCS)

Lifetime Achievement Award (boys)-Gabe Arias-Sheridan St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS)
Lifetime Achievement Award (girls)-Spencer Moore St. Mary's Berkeley (NCS)

Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS)
Buster Posey (rookie of the year)-Sofia Castiglioni Davis HS (SJS)

Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actor)-James Kinney Marin Academy HS (NCS)
Best Robin to Batman (best supporting actress)-Sofia Castiglioni Davis HS (SJS)

Best Three Amigos-Tyler Olson, Jackson Crose and Todd Olson Livermore HS (NCS)
Best Three Amigas-Lauren Larocco, Miranda Myers, Madison Rawson St. Francis, Sac (SJS)

Boys Coach of the Year (Directing)-Patrick McCrystle Bellarmine HS (CCS)
Girls Coach of the Year (Directing)-Bill Gregg Davis HS (SJS)

Any other awards?


Anonymous said...

Good thing Goltra won, I'd hate to see Campolindo upset. Though they are not going to be happy Chuck was not coach of the year. Real tough picks for the coaches. Who gets talent year after year? These guys. If they don't win that's they surprise. Maxwell most inspirational? For what?

Albert Caruana said...

In 2012, Anna Maxwell finished the last two races (CCS and state) practically crawling on her knees. This past season she rebounded and had a heck of a season running solo in most of her races. She led her team to the state championship. In my experience as a coach, fast runners elevate the bar for their teammates so I am thinking Anna had a lot to do with their state championship.
(aside from starting SLV's team scoring with a 1).

At the Footlocker West Regional race, Anna led the race from the gun, was overtaken, slipped going uphill but still managed to qualify for the national meet with a 7th place finish. She went on to finish 5th at the National meet.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 11:32, when you say "Who gets talent year after year? These guys." who or what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

You don't know? Bellarmine gets the best of the best from the entire Bay Area every year. 1700+ boys. Their teams are huge. The fact they haven't won a state championship yet is beyond me. They have more history, sports culture and money than Arcadia. They should be at Arcadia's level year after year.

Davis. A great program, affluent well educated community, talent out the wazoo EVERY YEAR. They should be good. They should win. Every year.

If you want a good cross country team you need the following: funding, community support, strong feeder program, sports culture at your school. Coaching is secondary (i.e. Carlmont)

Did you not know this?

Anonymous said...

Lifetime Achievement Award, That is funny! Those two have been around for like 12 years :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe 12 years seems like a lifetime!? LOL.

On the coach of the year thang, yep, a team's success usually causes da coach to reap da reward, and you will see this wherever you go, and that's not takin' away anything from these two. I'm sure they deserve it.

But what I find amazing are those coaches who coach little programs year after year, never say much, just remain constant. They do not have the number to make it big time, and the powers-to-be will never give them the time of day.

Rob said...

Just a FYI Albert, SLV would still have won without Anna. That particular day.

Anonymous said...

Does lifetime achievement mean "Too old to compete".

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