Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 All-Mercury News Cross Country Teams


Anonymous said...

It should be called the All South Bay cross country runners of the year not the All Mercury News runners of the year. No one north of San Mateo or south of San Jose..what about the Santa Cruz area runners?
They should have selected an All CCS team. The Mercury News isn't just a San Jose paper.

Albert Caruana said...

All-CCS teams will be posted next week.

Anonymous said...

These athletes are All-County. Or perhaps more specifically "Santa Clara County." I believe in the past it was called as such so that might be where your confusion lies.

I wouldn't worry too much. Schools from Santa Cruz and those "north of San Mateo," in addition to schools from Salinas, Gilroy (even though in Santa Clara County), all have separate Athlete of the Year awards so they will be receiving the recognition they deserve.

I am not sure if you noticed but in the state meet preview by the San Jose Mercury News schools such as ours that are in the heart of San Jose were omitted from the article. Schools covered were from Los Gatos, Saratoga and Cupertino in addition to some schools from San Jose that are near the Rose Garden and Almaden. This is because there are "neighborhood" papers and sections that are put in the print edition of the paper.

So even schools that are in San Jose are left out from the San Jose paper. Just the way it is.

Craiggypop The Angry Panda said...

I did notice this in the Boys First Team Listing:
"Kevin Lehr, St. Ignatius"

Because of Lehr's listing, I was surprised to not see some more SF kids in there but maybe that was a mistake and it should really be an All South Bay Team?

hank said...

It's called the All-Mercury News team because the Merc are the folks that choose it. Yes, we coaches give them input but they make the final call. They include LEAGUES (hence why SI is included) that they feel are in their coverage area (BVAL, SCVAL, PAL, WCAL, WBAL, PSAL). Not sure if they include Gilroy & Hollister or not. The SCCAL they feel is not in their coverage area so they don't include them. When the All-CCS team comes out next week, all schools are included.


Anonymous said...

It seems like NCS and SJS announced their first teams right after sectionals and were based on top runners at sectionals....why is CCS so much later? Is it a subjective decision? Who decides?

hank said...

A group of coaches & journalists that want to show up at the CCS office before the post-CCS meeting happens decides. It is open to anyone that wants to show up but you must be present for your vote to count. We then discuss each runner and vote on each runner and what "team" we think they should be on, majority rules.

The timing of when the All-CCS team is based on when the Mercury News releases their All-Mercury News Team, all CCS Team comes out 1 week after the All-Merc team. This arrangement was made so as to not to take away from anyones "Thunder" of their respective Teams. We work with the Merc so that we continue to get the coverage that we do (weekly XC rankings thru the season and various articles) as well as the coverage they give us during track (weekly Top Marks list).


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