Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2014 NCS Distance State Meet Contenders

Here is what I have so far.  Remember only top 3 qualify to the CA state Track and Field meet unless you make the 2014 At-Large Time Standards.  Additions?  Changes?  Comments?

Girls 800m.
The favorite:  Madison Ricks California HS
Threats:  Heidi Fuhriman Monte Vista HS
Wildcards:  Suzanne Becker Albany HS, Chloe Jenkins St. Mary's Berkeley, Amihan Augustyn James Logan HS, Jasmine Penney San Lorenzo HS

Boys 800m.
The favorite:  Dante Hay Maria Carillo
Threats:  Connor McKinnon Amador Valley HS, Jose Lopez Arcata HS
Wildcards:  Owen Ljung Sonoma Valley HS, Christian Monsalud James Logan HS, Cody Mayer Liberty HS

Girls 1600m.
The favorite:  Megan McCandless Granada HS
Threats:  Spencer Moore St. Mary's Berkeley, Alexandra Hernandez Livermore HS
Wildcards:  Brooke Starn Monte Vista HS, Chloe Hansel Las Lomas HS, Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley HS, Taylor Lawsen Granada HS, Anna Harleen Branson HS, Sophia Mills Piedmont HS, Delaney White Santa Rosa HS, Brighie Leach Campolindo HS

Boys 1600m.
The favorite:  Tyler Olson Livermore HS
Threats:  Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy HS, Michael Wang Acalanes HS
Wildcards:  Jason Intravaia San Ramon Valley HS, James Kinney Marin Academy HS, Zach Price Windsor HS, Fred Huxham Redwood HS

Girls 3200m.
The favorite:  Brighie Leach Campolindo HS
Threats:  Julia Maxwell Branson HS, Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville HS, Megan McCandless Granada HS
Wildcards:   Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley HS, Molly Dicke Lick Wilmerding HS, Rachel Johnson Campolindo HS, Mary Orders Campolindo HS, Brooke Starn Monte Vista HS

Boys 3200m.
The favorite:  Aidan Goltra Campolindo HS
Threats:  Blair Hurlock De La Salle HS, Fred Huxham Redwood HS
Wildcards:  Gabe Arias-Sheridan St. Joseph Notre Dame HS, Ryan Anderson Maria Carrillo HS, Cameron Tu Alameda HS, Jackson Crose Livermore HS, Luke Williams De La Salle HS, Andrew Melendez Bishop O'Dowd HS, Cameron Gaskell Acalanes HS

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Anonymous said...

Many of the 3200 meter runners could also be a threat for the 1600 meters and vice versa. I just would argue Huxham should be in the 1600 meter category. 4:15.63 as a junior? Yeah, I would say he is one of the main threats for the 1600 rather than the 3200.

Albert Caruana said...

That is very correct. It will all depend on who chooses what event. With only 3 athletes making the state meet, some will end up choosing perhaps their 2nd best event because that will give them a better chance to get to state.

Anonymous said...

Gotta think that Brooke Starn is also a threat in the 3200 with her 10:46 last year and her performances at state and footlocker this fall.

Anonymous said...

Is Trevor Reinhart running track?

Albert Caruana said...

I added Starn to the 3200m.

Trevor Reinhart is running track this spring.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Reinhart has seen the light? Good for him. He ought to try a field event or two in addition to distance. Seems to be such a talented all-around athlete.

Anonymous said...

Huxham's 1600 PR (4:14.15) is faster than everyone else on that list. He's a wildcard?

Albert Caruana said...

He's a wildcard because I don't know if he will actually run the event.

I think some runners and coaches end up choosing the 3200m. because you advance straight to Saturday if you qualify from your section meet. However, sometimes you get a case were an athlete and coach feel that another event may be the easier path to the state meet.

Those decisions are not made until late season sometimes so I can only speculate at this point.

Anonymous said...

Boys 3200 looks epic. Goltra, Hulock, Huxam are all potentials for the State meet podium.

Anonymous said...

If you can do a CCS predictions also that would be great

Doug Griffith said...

I'll take Connor McKinnon in the 800M. A beast with the best 400M speed of any 800M runner in the Section. I believe he split a low 47 as part of Amador's 4x400 team at the State Meet. If healthy, he may approach 1:50 this spring.

Anonymous said...

Connor McKinnon 1:50... He's pretty good, but 1:50?

Anonymous said...

Mckinnon got DQd at the beginning of the post-season last year and didn't get a chance to drop a big time. He did go on to split 47low at State finals in the 4x4. If he stays healthy 1:50 isn't out of the question

Anonymous said...

Calling it now: Goltra-Hurlock rivalry continues into track and both break 9 minutes in the 3200.

NCSftw said...

I think it's safe to say both Hurlock and Goltra run extremely fast and will be neck and neck. Hopefully they both go to the Arcadia 3200.

Also- I'm calling Chloe Hansel to have a breakthrough performance. She's been improving steadily and will be a threat in any event she runs.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Augustin ran a PR at the Arcadia meet with a 2:14.25 and Jenkins has run a 2:14.29. I think they are more threats than just wildcards. I am looking forward to watching this race.

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