Thursday, May 02, 2013

Despite challenges, Bellarmine College Prep's 4x100 relay team excels


Anonymous said...

Kids need to be more active when they are younger. And quit year round stuff that causes these kinds of injuries. Between private coaches, gun-ho parents, over-zealous HS coaches these injuries are what results. And props to Patrick for letting the spiny coach get the pub. You never see that in the college ranks and not very often in HS.

Albert Caruana said...

I am assuming you meant sprint coach.

^ That was me said...

Haha. Yes. "Sprint." Dang t and y next to each other on the key board. All respect to the Bell coaches, they have a great thing going there.

Anonymous said...

"Year round stuff, private coaches, gun-ho parents and HS coaches" are NOT what caused the injuries. These things are all great to keep someone in shape year round. Playing a rough physical contact sport like football - that's what causes the injuries. They even mentioned it in the article. Maybe you skipped that part or chose not to read it.

Coach Small said...

Year round sports for youth IS what leads to overuse injuries, burnout and an odd number of injuries that only used to be seen at the professional level. There's plenty of references out there on this, even on this blog.

Maybe not the case here but it is a problem in youth sports today.

That said runners need to run year round, just the way it is. I'm sure other sports feel the same. The key is to give some down time and let the kids be kids. As a coach we have to inspire rather than artificially push our drive for success.

Injuries happen, it's the unfortunate side effect of hard work. Glad these kids are back healthy and finding their good form. It's good for the sport and the section!

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