Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013-CIF North Coast Section - Boys and Girls Track and Field Finals


Anonymous said...

The 1600m's seem to be missing...

Anonymous said...

what idiot announcers on the NCS webcam. The entire girl 4 X 400 relay which was won by SMB but they kept saying California Hi in the lead and California high wins. Only after some 5 minutes after the results did they identify they made a mistake. What a pair of smucks! They kept calling SMB's anchor person as Madison Ricks.

Anonymous said...

Where is the first half of the meet? Worst announcers..EVER

Albert Caruana said...

Not sure which is too bad. Would love to see a video of the boys' 1600m.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any photos from the meet posted anywhere? I need a new prof pic lol

Albert Caruana said...!i=2535155786&k=B8nzCmw

Nils said...

My thanks to David Soriano- didn't he take the pics of last Fall's cross-country Saucony-Mariner invitational at Garin Park?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

If they're going to have any announcers at all, they need to have someone in there who knows track, not people who are going to botch stuff like they did. It would be even better to have folks who know the local scene and know about the athletes, etc. There are plenty of track junkies who would do a good job at this and make sure that the credit goes to the athletes.

This isn't some little area dual meet; it's a premiere event with some of the country's best athletes.

"What a great jump by the young man in the yellow tank top" is no way to compliment a pole vaulter.

And having the one guy say at the end "I thought I did a pretty good job, I hope you think so, too" is pretty ridiculous.

John said...

Anonymous @ 3:27 PM is completely right. It would have been better having no announcers so at least you could hear the PA during events. Just too many examples of the two clowns having no idea what was happening on the track and/or babbling about unrelated things during a race.

Next year they should get Nate Beach for the stream! He does a great job at DFAL and Bob Warren....

Anonymous said...

i agree. beach knows his shit. he was a big dog in high school and went to cal and helps at acalanes sometimes, so he pretty much knows everything.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:27 right on! Madison Ricks was the defending NCS 800 champ and 2nd this year and 4th as a frosh. This is not a racial thing but she is white and the SMB is black! Know your athletes!! One announcer might not be familiar but both???

Jered said...

I entered this as a comment on the page at youtube, but it has not yet been approved. Below are the events included and the time on the video at which they begin. Footage of boys PV and girls LJ are interspersed throughout the broadcast.

Also (and I was 3:27 Anonymous from yesterday) I thought the video footage of the events they DID have was very reasonable. They missed a couple starts but covered as much of the field as possible (which can be difficult in the 3200 when they break apart quite a bit), and they did a good job at zooming in on the electronic results near the start/finish line after each event.

0:01:05 - boys 400
0:08:07 - girls 100 (there was some bad start but I don't believe any runner was DQ'd)
0:13:58 - girls 100 (real deal)
0:17:40 - boys 100
0:21:25 - girls 800
0:27:20 - boys 800
0:37:00 - girls 300 IH
0:43:50 - boys 300 IH
0:50:40 - girls 200
0:58:20 - boys 200
1:07:00 - girls 3200
1:23:40 - boys 3200
1:40:30 - girls 4x400
1:49:30 - boys 4x400

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