Thursday, May 16, 2013

Final Qualifiers from each league (CCS) by Valley Christian SJ coach Josh Small

An interesting look at the marks of the last qualifier from each league in CCS.  You can check out the data at this link.


Anonymous said...

I may be mistaken, but I thought automatic qualifiers were divided up by total enrollment of the schools in the league. All things being equal, this would probably be a fair division, but rarely are all things actually equal.

It would be fun to see a similar analysis that included average program budget per league, and athlete:coach ratio by school and by league.

Coach Small said...

For the record I want to share that while I feel a standard qualifying time for everyone is the most fair way to qualify for CCS (similar to what we have for CCS swimming and what is used in the NCAA), I am content with the current qualifying format.

I think most interestingly, is that while many deserving athletes missed qualifying due to being in an extremely tough league, that there are no marks, in my opinion, that "shouldn't be there." All athletes that qualified are fairly close in a similar range demonstrating the great depth of our section.

The question we should ask: is there a way to get additional athletes to CCS that are just as deserving and will ultimately increase the quality of the CCS meet without the scratches, no-shows, etc?

Coach Tim said...

Solving the No-show problem wouldn't be difficult: have an alternates list. Top qualifiers out of league meets form a ranked list to fill-in the no-shows.

The leagues with quality beyond their automatic spots would effectively get additional qualifiers. And when a kid makes a mistake (e.g. tells coach he'll go, then doesn't show up), he bears the burden himself, while a different kid happens to benefit.

Coach Tim said...

Edit: Top non-qualifiers out of league meets make up the alternates list.

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