Saturday, May 18, 2013

Healdsburg track excels by following the leader

HEALDSBURG -- They flocked to Maria Barragan, her track teammates did, attracted to her strength sheathed in humility. They knew of her pain, of her family situation, of so many excuses she could have made but didn’t. Barragan would scream from the treatment on the scar tissue in her lower legs, the treatment that happened three times a week for the last four months. Yet, the girls lean forward to hear her soft voice. Sweet as she is, Maria Barragan ain’t no cupcake.

“I want to be Maria,” said middle distance runner Bianca Nicastro.

The Healdsburg girls won the school’s first SCL track and field championship in 32 years last Saturday. They won 10 of 14 events. This year they established school records in nine events. One would think, armed with that information, this story is about winning. It isn’t. It’s about inspiration, the kind that comes, not from words, but from actions.

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Doug Griffith said...

Saw Maria run early in the season with a really bad shin. Great courage and happy to see her running at the next level. Well deserved! Also, Congrats to Coach Pup for putting together a very strong all-around team this year. Great coaching job!

Anonymous said...

God bless this young lady and her family.

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