Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WCAL #2 Results from Golden Gate Park (CCS)

Varsity Boys (looks like Bellarmine saved their varsity team for Mt.SAC)
Varsity Girls  (Mitty girls continue to impress)


Anonymous said...

Bellarmine's B team looking strong even without top JV runner Andrew Blankley.

Anonymous said...

Why even hold these meets if you aren't going to race? I mean the Bells aren't the only team skipping league meets. Check out SCVAL and teams tempo-ing or not showing up to run invites. Or Aptos, bringing out runners just for ccs.

League meets are out dated, more strain and disruptive to training. Why have them, time to adopt the college model and go to conference champ only.

Albert Caruana said...

Before you start throwing around accusations that are not correct, please check your facts.

Runners are eligible for league finals if they participated in at least 50% of their league meets. Taking the WCAL meets, there are 2 regular season meets and if you attend 1, you qualify.

Same goes for Aptos. I am very certain that their runners met the requirements to compete at CCS and State.

Andy Chan said...

I am a believer that while league meets may be a nuisance or just something to "train through" to be eligible for CCS for varsity runners and teams who have State Meet and CCS podium finish aspirations, for the Frosh, Soph, and JV runners, league meets are a big deal. They are fun to compete in and it is at these meets that athletes hone their racing skills so that they are ready to compete at the varsity level in the future. It’s a chance to compete against your friends who may attend a different school in your same area. And an opportunity for coaches to have the whole team compete, not just the ones who fit on the bus for an invitational. I think that to provide the best possible cross country experience for all runners, league meets are worthwhile and valuable.

Marty Beene said...

A couple of other good reasons for league meets:

1. A chance to run on the course that will be used for league championships, and maybe even the section meet. In our case, we had our 3rd league meet at Hayward, and our league championships will be there, too. For our varsity runners who will be running at the NCS meet, it's an opportunity to get to know the course.

2. Some schools cannot afford to go to invitationals, so league meets are their only opportunity to compete. Many runners just assume everyone can do this, but the fact is that there are some schools that have no money and the families of the runners are not able to help with the cost, either.

Nils said...

I agree with Andy and Marty. Winning your section is not the only reason for being a cross-country runner. It's, well, good for you to compete at league meets, and allows more opportunities to learn good sporting behavior. The JV runners get that valuable competition experience, and a good coach will always know how to make sure their varsity team paces itself for the season whether or not they run in league meets.

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