Sunday, October 14, 2012

NorCal Rankings, 2nd Edition, September 30th, 2012

These were the latest rankings at the end of September.  Who moves up now?  Who has dropped?  Who is missing?

1)  De La Salle NCS Division I 
2)  Bellarmine CCS Division I
3)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
4)  Carlmont CCS Division I
5)  San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
6) Davis SJS Division I
7) Placer SJS Division III
8)  Campolindo NCS Division III
9)  Lincoln (Stockton) SJS Division I
10)  Woodcreek SJS Division I

Honorable Mention (20 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Alameda NCS Division II 
Amador Valley
 NCS Division I

Bishop O'Dowd NCS Division III
Del Campo SJS Division II
Granite Bay SJS Division II
Homestead CCS Division I
Leland CCS Division II
Los Altos CCS Division II
Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
Miramonte NCS Division III
Oak Ridge SJS Division I
Piner NCS Division IV
Redwood NCS Division III
San Lorenzo Valley CCS Division IV
Seaside CCS Division IV
St. Francis, Mt. View CCS Division II
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
Will C. Wood SJS Division III
Yreka NS Division IV

1)  St. Francis, Sacramento SJS Division I
2)  Davis SJS Division I
3)  Granada NCS Division I
4)  Monte Vista NCS Division I
5)  Vista del Lago SJS Division III
6)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
7)  San Lorenzo Valley CCS Division IV
8)  Las Lomas NCS Division III
9)  Oak Ridge SJS Division I
10)  Archbishop Mitty CCS Division II

Honorable Mention (20 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Amador Valley NCS Division I  
 CCS Division III

Arcata NCS Division IV
Branson NCS Division V
College Park NCS Division II
Del Oro SJS Division III
Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
Menlo Atherton CCS Division I
Miramonte NCS Division III
Monta Vista CCS Division I
Mtn. View CCS Division II
Palo Alto CCS Division I
Presentation CCS Division II
Redwood NCS Division III
Sacred Heart Cathedral CCS Division III
San Benito, Hollister CCS Division I 
San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
Woodcreek SJS Division I

Again, comments are welcome. Any teams missing?


Anonymous said...

Latest girl's Norcal rankings show Monte Vista (3), Granada (8) and Los Lomas (9). The only head to head meetings between those three was at MV Invitational where Las Lomas was 1st (60), MV was 2nd (78), Gran was 3rd (96).

Realize rankings get refined as the season progresses and that Las Lomas did not run at Stanford, but watch for them down the stretch. They have perhaps the tightest spread between between #1 and #7 runners in NCS.


Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for the info. I will keep that in mind for the next rankings. The Stanford Invite obviously dictated these rankings the most and 3 mile courses trump 2 mile courses as well.

Mark snow said...

on the honorable mention list for the boys could be Whitney High School in Rocklin. They beat Granite bay in the D2 race at Stanford without their best runner feeling very well(Ryan Hodgens)they had in the top 14. #4 runner is a transfer who did not run very much in summer because of a move and will be ready to roll come November. but they do have a depth issue with their 5-7. if they can figure that out, look for them to challenge Bella vista and Del Campo in the D2 race at sections, it might be a longshot to knock of those two schools with so much depth but with the strongest trio of front runners in the section, they might be able to do some damage to limit their lack of varsity depth.

Mark snow said...

does anyone make a rankings list for SJS schools?

Anonymous said...

lincoln [stockton] beat woodcreak at stanford they deserve the recognition of top ten

Albert Caruana said...

Fair enough. I made the adjustment.

ghpadd said...

Placer boys arrived in the top 10, as they are finally getting the recognition for the talent they have. Del Oro Girls ran the Westmore Ram invitational versus Stanford without one of their top 2 and still dusted all other competition with some pretty good overall times. Both should continue to move up. Whitney has a good trio when all are firing but, lack that 5th runner, and follow-ups in 6th and 7th. Individually, Whitney's top three will do well but there is great depth in DII SJS this year and a top 4 in head-to head at the section meet would be a crowning achievement for this team. Lets hope they all continue to improve and do better as the season progresses. The best SJS team for depth and talent appears to be the St. Francis Girls team. mmmmmmmmmmm baby do they run as a strong team!

Anonymous said...

SJS boys at Stanford (combined race):

1) Bella Vista 16th 716 pts.
2) Davis 17th 763 pts.
3) Placer 21st 934 pts.
4) Woodcreek 25th 1042 pts.
5) Lincoln (ST) 26th 1064 pts.

DO NOT underestimate Del Campo. They destroyed everyone at sections last year and ran well at Woodbridge and at Staub/Barnes in the past two weeks.

Anonymous said...

It's not set in stone that st Francis is the best team. Davis second runner appeared to have a bad race as she didn't even score. If she finished ahead of their third and fourth runners I think Davis could have pulled off the upset

hank said...

Shows how NorCal teams would finish at Stanford if you only count NorCal runners.


Anonymous said...

there are many "what ifs" between the St. Francis vs. Davis head-to-head

Anonymous said...

Doesn't really matter at this. These matchups will be decided at sections and state

Anonymous said...

thanks for the change with lincoln they really desreve it!!!!

Andrew said...

yup, for the girls rankings: Las Lomas has to move up big time. As well as Monte Vista moving ahead of Granada because of their head-to-head win at the EBAL center meet. And Acalanes could be very, very dangerous with that huge frosh group.

For the boys: DLS, Bellarmine going 1-2 makes sense. I don't know much about Bella Vista boys...have they looked that good? I thought Del Campo beat them this past week. If so, the next rankings should reflect that. Maria Carrillo has been racing very well lately.

NCSfanboy said...

Devries is out for SRV. Moves them down.

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