Monday, October 08, 2012

Crystal Springs, Castro Valley and Bella Vista Invitationals course maps and course records

Crystal Springs Invitational (at Hallmark Park)
Crystal Springs Course Records
Boys Team
Girls Team

Castro Valley Invitational (at Canyon MS)
Course Map 3.0 Miles (Varsity Course)
Course Map 2.1 Miles (JV and F/S Course)
Castro Valley Invitational Meet Program and Course Records

Bella Vista Invitational (at Willow Hill, Folsom)
Varsity and JV Course Map 5k
Frosh/Soph Course Map 3400m.
Meet Records

Roughrider Invitational (at Woodward Park)
Woodward Park Course Records (Through November 16, 2011)


Anonymous said...

How bout roughrider?

Anonymous said...

do you know of the 1.9 mile course map for roughrider?

Albert Caruana said...

The shorter course is actually 2.2 miles. Unfortunately there is nothing online. The coaches will pick up the maps of the course when they check into the meet.

Anonymous said...

K thanks

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