Friday, October 05, 2012

Coming Up: Mid-Season Section Rankings

Mid-season section rankings for CCS, NCS, SJS and NS.

For now, here are the latest CCS rankings and time comparisons as posted at
2012 CCS Team Rankings (Top 15 boys and girls teams)
Walt Van Zant's Comparisons of Times

In the meantime, feel free to comment on the other sections (NCS, SJS and NS) and where you feel teams belong in each division.  Who are the best teams in Division I, II, III, IV and V?  Who are the teams flying under the radar?  Who are the locks to win their section?  Who are the teams that have a shot at a podium finish at the state meet?


Anonymous said...

SJS Girls

1. St. Francis
2. Davis Sr.
3. Bella Vista
4. Vista Del Lago
5. Oak Ridge
6. Del Oro
7. Ponderosa
8. Woodcreek
9. Granite Bay

SJS Boys

1. Bella Vista
2. Del Campo
3. Davis
4. Placer
5. Lincoln-Stockton
6. Woodcreek
7. Oak Ridge
8. Whitney-Rocklin
9. Rocklin
10.Granite Bay

Anonymous said...

I think the SJS ranking for Girls by Anonymous is probably about right. I would note that Vista apparently ran without their No. 4 runner (see Folsom Telegraph Article on Madeleine). I think someone told me over the weekend that Woodcreek did not have their no. 2 runner. As I said before, St Francis and Davis had some "glitches" each with one of their better runners at Stanford. Oakridge is getting better after making some adjustments following the loss of some of their better runners due to injury. I think the top 4 teams in this proposed SJS girls list is dynamic and subject to potential change. Great teams and should be fun to see how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

I think st francis and Davis are in other class entirely in the SJS . One runner wouldn't have made much of a differance for those teams as they were very far behind

ghpadd said...

Just putting a name to the other anonymous postings concerning SJS. All appear to have a good grasp of the Section. Thanks for keeping this update intelligent.

Unknown said...
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hank said...

I think John means www.cifns.ORG


Unknown said...

ya sorry it is, thank you for catching that mistake hank!

Unknown said...

Northern Section Rankings

1.West Valley D4
2.Chico D3
3.Mt. Shasta D5
4.University Prep D5
5.Shasta D3
6.Yreka D4
7.Enterprise D3
8.Pleasant Valley D3
9.Paradise D3
10.Oroville D3

1 Shasta D3
2 Yreka D4
3 Chico D3
4 Corning D4
5 Pleasant Valley D3
6.Mt. Shasta D5
7.Central Valley D4
8.West Valley D4
9.Oroville D3
10.University Prep D5

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