Monday, October 01, 2012

More Stanford Invitational

Pictures courtesy of Spencer Allen and (Go to your division and click link).

The following link is thanks to Hank Lawson and (NorCal schools combined results)


Anonymous said...

looks like the mile pacing is calculated for 3 miles, not 5k.

hank said...

That is correct, I forgot to change the distance. My main goal was to get the NorCal results out.


Steve Palladino said...

Thank you for this, Hank. Cleans things up nicely. Maria Carillo girls at 9th, not scoring arguably 3 of their top 5 runners, leaving, by my estimation, approximately 3:00-3:30 on their team time. Hope to see you at Crystal on the 13th.

Anonymous said...

Nice way to see how Norcal teams stand. Here's my ranking of the SJS girls after Stanford. Notice I place BV over Vista since BV's #2 runner was sick and did not run on Saturday. Vista has a serious issue with team depth as was shown at Stanford. St. Francis and Davis are in a league of their own. Wow!!

SJS Girls in this order:

1. St. Francis
2. Davis Sr.
3. Bella Vista
4. Vista Del Lago
5. Oak Ridge
6. Del Oro
7. Ponderosa
8. Woodcreek
9. Granite Bay

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you. That's very helpful to get the SJS divisional rankings going. What about the boys? Top 10 teams?

Anonymous said...

Bella Vista ran 5 runners at Stanford with 2 scorers sitting out. Impressive. Davis is on the way back with Scranton running. Del Campo will show their new found strength at Clovis this weekend. Watch out.

SJS Boys in this order:

1. Bella Vista
2. Del Campo
3. Davis
4. Placer
5. Lincoln-Stockton
6. Woodcreek
7. Oak Ridge
8. Whitney-Rocklin
9. Rocklin
10.Granite Bay

Nils said...

It's official now that Crespi lost its Div V win to St. Joseph Notre Dame, for competing in Div V instead of Div IV:

"The Crespi cross country team is listed as a Division IV team by the Southern Section."

Anonymous said...

There was a team that had been disqualified in the seeded race for helping out a Bellarmine runner cross the finish line. Does anyone know how that affected the results?

pmccrystle said...

In response to Anonymous 3:57 PM: The disqualified runner was from Mira Costa HS in Manhattan Beach. Had he not stopped to help our runner cross the finish line, I believe his team would have finished with around 530 pts, roughly good enough for 20th. Only the one runner from Mira Costa--who stopped because he was afraid the Bellarmine runner was in danger of being stepped on or kicked, as our runner was completely collapsed and unresponsive, a very honorable move of tremendous good sportsmanship--was disqualified; his team does not appear in the results because they only had 5 runners start the race. The two runners crossed the line in 17:17 and were disqualified for finishing "with arms linked" which is the letter of the rule but in my opinion not the spirit of the rule. As our Principal said, they were bigger things going on at the end of that race than finishing
20th. Well done Mira Costa! Now, everybody hydrate...

Anonymous said...

Watch this video and at 5:45 minutes in you can see the Mira Costa runner helping the Bellarmine runner cross the finish, then you see the Bellarmine runner collapse. What a great show of sportsmanship!!

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