Sunday, October 07, 2012

Top 10 NorCal Individuals (boys and girls) at Clovis Invitational

1)  Trent Brendel Granite Bay SJS 15:25
2)  Jack Scranton Davis SJS 15:36
2)  Tyler Hanson Miramonte NCS 15:36
4)  Abdul Hamid Sheldon SJS 15:38
4)  Sean Jagerson Del Campo SJS 15:38
6)  Garrett Migliozzi Nevada Union SJS 15:42
7)  Toby Qualls Placer SJS 15:48
8)  Chris Foster Los Gatos CCS 15:59
8)  Nolan Petersen Washington NCS 15:59
10)  Ryan Anderson Maria Carrillo NCS 16:00

1)  Jena Pianin Amador Valley NCS 17:40
2)  Fiona O'Keeffe Davis SJS 17:42
3)  Kendall Derry Bella Vista SJS 18:13
4)  Maggie Bell Granite Bay SJS 18:31
5)  Lauren LaRocco St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 18:35
5)  Miranda Myers St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 18:35
7)  Peyton Bilo St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 18:38
8)  Madison Rawson St. Francis (Sacto) SJS 18:45
9)  Cassidy Towner El Dorado SJS 18:51
10)  Kaitlin Derry Bella Vista SJS 18:54

For overall girls and boys lists, go to the following links:
Overall Girls
Overall Boys


Anonymous said...

Is the Clovis Invitational a 3 mile run or a 5K? I looked up Woodward Park, which is typically a 5K, but looking at the course records, I don't see how the results from this particular race could also be for a 5K (because so many individuals would be making the all-time list). Anyway, just looking for some clarification. Lastly, if the Clovis Invite is a 3 mile, then comparing Ukiah's latest times (from the Clam Beach Invitational, which is a 3 mile) Ukiah, without Chance Girard, their 3rd runner, would be ahead of Dublin's finishers.

Albert Caruana said...

The Woodward Park high school course has always been 5k.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of the length of the course for the Clovis Invite 2012. But these are some of the best runners in the top ten scoring list. My daughter has run the 5k state course at Woodward with a couple of these same runners and while they are good times - they are within a range to be expected on this course for this level of talent - IMHO.


NCSfanboy said...

SJS definitely performed at Clovis. But the top couple NorCal girls really threw down some sizzling times. 17:40/17:42 at woodward mid-season is just impressive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all. Turns out the Clam Beach Invitational was longer than originally thought (5K vs 3 mile) hence my confusion.

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