Friday, October 28, 2011

Portland’s 32 Straight Titles On The Line Against BYU At WCC Champs
Location:  Crystal Springs Course
Date:  Saturday, October 29th
Time:  Men-9:00am/Women-9:45am
Live stream online.  You can find the link in the article.


Anonymous said...

BYU is going to destroy!

Anonymous said...

BYU did destroy. I was there and I think BYU's top 5 was in before Portland's top 3

Albert Caruana said...

BYU got 5 before Portland's 4 and 6 and 7 before Portland's 5. It was a virtual dual meet with both schools responsible for the top 12 runners.

You can find results at this link:

Anonymous said...

GO BYU Cougars!!!!
Coach Ibarra

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