Monday, October 24, 2011

Updating NorCal rankings

I will like to update the NorCal rankings as we head closer to the league championship season.  Take a look at the previous rankings below and tell me who deserves to move up or is missing from either list.  Thank you in advance for your help.




Anonymous said...

SRV might move up to top 10 on the team side given a good effort at both EBAL center meet and at Mt Sac.

Anonymous said...

1. Carrie Verdon Campolindo NCS
2. Karlie Garcia Oakmont SJS
3. Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista del Lago SJS
4. Nikki Hiltz Aptos CCS
5. Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley CCS
6. Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley NCS
7. Nicole Lane El Molino NCS
8. Bridget Blum University NCS
9. Carina Novell Granada NCS
10. Jena Pianin Amador Valley NCS

Honorable Mention – in no particular order
Marisa Carino Oakmont SJS
Lauren Croshaw Aragon CCS
Maryann Gong Granada NCS
Vanessa Estrada Hollister CCS
Kat Gregory Woodside Priory CCS
Becky Hobby Hughson SJS
Morgan Lira Valley Christian SJ CCS
Julia Maxwell Branson NCS
Spencer Moore St. Mary's Berkeley NCS
Holland Reynolds University NCS
Allison Sturges Mountain View CCS
Anna Welsh Monterey CCS
Jenny Xu Monta Vista CCS
Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley CCS
Kylie Goo Westmoor CCS
Diribi Adbo Berkeley NCS

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be more useful to rank the teams in separate divisions? A lot more work, of course. But they really don't compete directly with each other.

Anonymous said...

Richard Ho moves up based on his Mt Sac Performance.

Chris C said...

The Alameda Girls may now deserve HM status. They moved up to 4th in the 10/5 NCS D2 rankings. And on 10/22 they bested the team times of Maria Carrillo, St. Francis (Sacramento) and SRV at Mt. SAC.

Gary LaRowe said...

I only follow SJS, so here's what I have through Mt SAC.
1) Woodcreek
2) Del Campo
3) Bella Vista
4) Davis
5) Pleasant Grove
6) Placer
7) Oak Ridge
8) El Dorado
9) Lincoln (Stk)
10) Jesuit

The 1st 3 teams are pretty much interchangeable on any given day barring injuries, etc. Davis is in a little bit of a down year for them, though they always finish strong and I know they're going to be pretty strong again next year. At state D2, SJS will do really well with WC, DC and BV all probable top ten and maybe one or more cracking top 5. Jesuit, Vacaville, Lodi and Rocklin will battle for the last state spot. In D1, Davis and either Pleasant Grove, Oak Ridge or Lincoln of Stockton for the 2 spots, though neither D1 team will finish in top 10 at state. In D3, it's possible either Placer or El Dorado could break top 10 at state, though they would need to run way over their performances to this point, more likely will finish 12th to 14th.

Girls, I don't do a top 10. Obviously St Francis and Vacaville need to move up above one or more of the SJS teams listed in the previous rankings (e.g. Oakmont, BV, etc.). I'm optimistic that many of the girls teams can do well at state, probably mostly St Francis and maybe Oak Ridge in D1. Even though Vacaville and Woodcreek are having excellent years, they probably won't crack top 8 at state b/c so many of the SS teams are potentially national caliber (according to Rich Gonzalez). I think Vista Del Lago is D3, so they should do well at state.

Anonymous said...

Top 25 Overall For Girls @ Mt. Sac
Nor Cal in Bold

1) Sarah Baxter- Simi Valley 16:59
2) Karlie Garcia- Oakmont 17:01 (Top Junior Girl)
3) Karis Frankian- Saugus 17:12
4) Xochitl Naverette- Colony 17:21
5) Erika Reddish-Vista Murrietta 17:25
6) Megan Huebner- La Quinta 17:30
7) Hannah Munyan- Sultana 17:31
8) Sarah Fakler- Xavier 17:31
9) Anna Maxwell- SLV 17:44 (#3 Sophmore Time)
10) Cami Chapus- Harvard W. 17:45
11) Laura Hollander- Marina 17:45
12) Ashlee Powers- Corona 17:47
13) Adrianna Olivas- Centennial 17:48
14) Shanoah Souza- LaCosta 17:48
15) Melissa Fairchild- Serrano 17:52
16) Karla Vernola- Simi Valley 17:56
17) Pauline Mandel- Great Oak 17:56
18) Kylie Nishaska- Marina 17:56
19) Christine Bayless- SRV 17:57 (Top Freshman Girl/#1 NCS)
20) Emma Abrahamson- La Costa 17:58
21) Ashlyn Dadkhah- Torrey Pines 17:59
22) Jena Pianin- Amador 18:00 (#6 Junior)
23) Kelli Sigimoto- Mira Costa 18:02
24) Nicole Lane- El Molino 18:03 (#15 Senior/#2 NCS)
25) Brianne Holland- Royal 18:05

Anonymous said...

Amador is NCS. So Jena Pianin is #2 NCS and Nicole Lane is #3.

Anonymous said...

From EBAL - both Trever Furhman and Matt DeVries ran well at Mt Sac as well as at the recent EBAL center meet.

GHP said...

At the minimum, Trevor Stephens of Del Oro should have an Honorable mention. 9th Nor-Cal runner at Mt. Sac in 15:44. 16:36 and 16:50 on the Willow Hills Course this season so far. # 2 finisher to a Reno Runner at the NU Invitational and winner of the DO Invite and DO 4000 (yea-yea, home course but, still awesome times). SFL League finals this Friday at William Jessup University (2:00) will further define Woodcreek, Granite Bay, Rocklin and Del Oro teams/runners that should be in the top Nor-Cal considerations.

Anonymous said...

Ho will probably stay right where he is. Top 4 from the previous Norcal Rankings didn't run Mt. Sac. Luna, Rushing, Bishop, Alex Conner. Ho was beat by Connor Clark who ran the same time as John Lawson. That would put him at 7.

Albert Caruana said...

Kevin Bishop ran 15:55 at Mt. SAC.

Anonymous said...

Ho put about 10 seconds on the kid from Northgate at Mt Sac.

Anonymous said...

but Ho was beat by 10 seconds by someone who was previously ranked lower than him. ergo, he stays in the 7 spot

Anonymous said... above post. Well done! I stand corrected.

Anonymous said... when will we see updated ranking?

Albert Caruana said...

I am planning on posting an update by mid week. Thanks for the interest.

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