Monday, October 31, 2011

Results and Rankings update...


Anonymous said...

Oakridge High Girls XC falls from D1 top ten rankings. Unfortunately too many injuries this year caught up to them. But the team is staked with great soph and frosh talent. The team should continue to do well through sections despite injuries - and next year be a team to watch out for.

Anonymous said...

it's going to be a close as hell battle in the ccs d1 girls race...

Anonymous said...

Really love the focus of their recaps are mainly about the SS. Sure they have the top teams. In the D5 girls no mention about University of SF. Instead talk about Xavier moving up and st Joseph (ss)being reclassifed to D5. So what they are reclassed. In D2 boys talk about Golden West @1 then by passes the next 3 places which are all nonSS to talk about loyola. DyestatCal totally too SS bias!

Anonymous said...

Bella Vista sweeps SJ CVC League Championships.

BV Girls second title in two years. BV Boys stick it to Del Campo for the second time head to head. BV's #1 runner even had a bad day finishing 4th. Nice to see BV Boys back in Top 10.

Good things happening at this Fair Oaks school.

Anonymous said...

THREE D3 NCS teams in the top 5! Let's go!

Anonymous said...

My SJS Boys Top Ten going into Subsections
1) Woodcreek D2
2) Bella Vista D2
3) Del Campo D2
4) Davis D1
5) Placer D3
6) Oak Ridge D1
7) El Dorado D3
8) Pleasant Grove D1
9) Lincoln(s) D1
10) Folsom D2

Section Summary
D1 : Could turn into a 4 team battle for the 2 state spots at sections (Davis, Oak Ridge, Lincoln and Pleasant Grove).

D2: No question on who the top 3 are. Even though BV pasted DC at league finals, I think Woodcreek and Del Campo will battle it out for the section title...I think Folsom and Rocklin will be very tight for the 4th and final state spot... Vacaville, Jesuit and Lodi in the final section qualifying spots, but just can't compete with Folsom and Rocklin's top runners and depth.

D3: Placer and El Dorado qualify for state, but not sure which will end up in the top spot... A very good and young Will C Wood team coming on strong. They'll be up there, but likely will have to settle for 3rd-5th at sections and wait 'til next year to possibly qualify for state. Whitney has the best 1st-3rd runners in D3, but lacking the depth to qualify for state. Del Oro also a contender.

State impact:
I think all of the top 3 in D2 can finish in Top 10 at state and one or more of them might break into the top 5!

D3 maybe Placer or El Dorado in the top 10, but no higher

D1 - no one's gonna break into the top 10

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