Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mt. SAC Information


Anonymous said...

Question??? SMB is one of the top D4 teams in the state and will be running in one of the regular D4 races. 2 hrs later their is the D4 Sweepstakes race. Is there a reason why SMB doesn't run in the sweepstakes? I know only the SMB coaches can answer but it seems you need to compete against the best..to be the best (IMO).

Albert Caruana said...

The goal for most teams is to run fast at the end of the season whether that is at league, section or state. How you get to those moments is up to each individual coaches. IMO, not everybody needs to run at Clovis, Mt. SAC, sweepstakes races etc.

Anonymous said...

The SMB team is OK, but not good. They did win their section race. But would of been 12/13th in the Div 4 sweepstakes race based on their results on a tough course.Perhaps they will get better by NCS champs next month.

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