Friday, October 28, 2011

BSAL League Meet #4 (NCS)

League Meet #4 (10/27/11)


Anonymous said...

ST Joes and SMB had on their schedule a dual meet that was to be held on Thursday? That would had been an epic battle between D4 & D5! Anyone knows if it actually took place or not.

Anonymous said...

St Joe's did win Thurs. 10/27, 23-32 over St. Mary's. Gabe Arias-Sheridan and Nick Ratto were #1 and #2, their top 5 were in places 1 thru 8. ACLC and John Swett also competed.

I am really looking forward to the meet NEXT Thursday at Pt. Pinole!

- A parent

Anonymous said...

Thanks parent.

SMB usually posted results to their website but they have left this meet out.

Anonymous said...

aclc beat john swett too, in case anybody cares. The meet was very exciting as well, although Gabe Arias ran away with the var boys win

Anonymous said...

In case anyone interested here is the complete results of the stjoes/smb/holyname/Johnswett posted at stmary's website

Anonymous said...

...and St. Joe's varsity boys "ran away with" the BSAL title at Pt. Pinole this afternoon as well: 34-46, closest team to them was St. Mary's. Nick Ratto 1st, and a new course record of 15:03 with Gabe Arias-Sheridan 2nd at 15:07.

a parent

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