Friday, October 14, 2011

Wisconsin Adidas Invitational Results

How well do you know your ex. Northern California high school runners?  Check out the race results of today's big collegiate invitational at Wisconsin.  Identify the ex. Northern California runners and what high school did they attend?



Kevin said...

Jenny Bergman, 15th overall! Valley Christian-San Jose, she's something special.

CCS fan said...

Jennifer Bergman Arizona- Valley Christian 20:29 JR
JacqueTaylor North Carolina- 21:03 SO
Kelsey Santisteban Cal - Castro Valley 21:17 FR
Jessie Petersen Syracuse- Carlmont 21:45 FR
Grace Orders Vanderbuilt- Campolinda 21:54 FR

Any other females?

Albert Caruana said...

Deborah Maier Cal Ponderosa HS
Chelsea Reilly Cal Davis HS
Isabel Andrade Nebraska Petaluma HS
Caitlin Schmitt UCLA Redwood HS

Those are ones that I found.

Anonymous said...

Diego Estrada out of Salinas. 3rd overall. Hard to beat that.

Anonymous said...

Top Norcal runner was Deborah Maier of Cal 3rd place

Anonymous said...

Amazing how for many of these kids its only their 2nd or 3rd race of the whole year... meanwhile HS is on their 3rd...4th...5th... league meet plus invites!

Anonymous said...

Erik Olson - Novato HS is running like a boss for Stanford
Rory McLeod - Santa Rosa High School

Marty said...

I would guess that many or most of the USF team are relatively local to northern CA. I know their #5 woman is for sure because her dad is the "principal" at the middle school where my son went - I think she (Alice Baker) went to St. Mary's?

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