Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 EBAL Center Meet October 12th results

Combined Boys' Results
Combined Girls' Results

Divisions for this meet were Girls' Varsity, Boys' Varsity, Girls' F/S, Boys' F/S, Girls' JV and Boys' JV.  The above links are all runners combined into one race each for boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

Most interesting to me is Amador beating De La Salle and Bayliss beating Novel. Should lead to an interesting league championship, and I bet Novel and Pianin are secretly greatful that they're safe from Bayliss up in D1 when it comes to NCS and state.

Anonymous said...

SRV looks like they finally had a full team on form for the day. 5 in the top 17, 3 in the top 10. Both Amador and Granda are good so EBAL championship should be a great battle.

Both the boys race (Fuhriman v DeVries) and the girls race (Bayliss v Novell) had great battles up front with two runners locked shoulder to shoulder over the last 2 miles. Both came down to the last 150 yards. Great racing and hats off to all 4 runners - there were two winners but no losers in both races.

On the Girls side, its a bit haunting to watch Granda dominate knowing that the are missing last years #1 runner - Sophie Hartley - who remains sidelined after a serious injury last year.

Last, great to see SRV's Liz Hebel back on the course. She ran the JV race and won easily. Things should only get better for Liz and SRV girls from here.

Looking forward to November!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how dominate Amador Valley's 1-9 runners were? Any of those runners could be on their NCS team and still get first place. Wow!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Amador Valley Boys were surprisingly good after losing so many to graduation last year. Beat De La Salle and were only 10 points away from a very formidable SRV team. AV guys and girls are definitely going to be contenders for those 2 NCS D1 state meet spots.

Anonymous said...

+1 on the strength of the Amador squad. 5 in the top 16. EBAL Championships are going to be fun. Amador and strong with a strong group of Jr's that are all improving plus a top freshman coming on fast.

Anonymous said...

I notice Greg Cox didnt run. He's usualy one of DLS's top guys isn't he? Better question: Would it have made a difference if he had raced?

Anonymous said...

^ greg cox would've had to be in the top 10 for that race if De La Salle was gonna beat Amador Valley. I don't know a whole lot about him or what he's capable of doing, but I guess we'll see at league finals.

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