Friday, October 21, 2011

Mt. SAC Results

High School Divisions Friday Results

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Who were the most impressive individuals and/or teams from Northern California today?


Anonymous said...

San Lorenzo Valley in Div 4 and University-SF in Div 5 Girls...are contenders to be taken seriously for State! Great effort at Mt. Sac

Anonymous said...

Would've been nice if they hadn't messed with the D IV race. Maxwell & Chapus one second apart would have been huge. Lane got a bit closer this start in comparison to Stanford, this race was run after she ran a course record on Wednesday, not much time to rest before a huge race at Mt. Sac. There is an outside chance it could be a threeway race in November. Maxwell & Chapus will be fun for sure.

Anonymous said...

FYI, no one forced her to run hard on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

We don't know she wasn't told to run hard Wednesday do we? Are you her coach? If you are I stand corrected. It probably didn't affect her much anyway she ran a fine race. But to be honest that wasn't the point. the point was with proper rest she'll have more in the tank more than likely and might be able to challenge. just an observation not really a prediction.

Albert Caruana said...

University will be heavy favorites to repeat as state champions this year. They have 3 runners who could finish in the top 5 at state.

SLV will have to overcome defending champions JSerra at state so we will see about them.

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