Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WCAL #2 Results

Varsity Boys:
Varsity Girls:
JV Boys:
JV Girls:
Sophomore Boys:
Frosh/Soph Girls:
Freshmen Boys:

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SJS fan said...

Thank you for all your efforts and timely posting of results. Just wanted to thank you and let you know your efforts don't go unnoticed. Dyestat has become so southern section bias that I no longer visit their site. Keep up the good work ! :)

SJS fan

Albert Caruana said...

No problem. I appreciate your positive comments.

Any help with the SJS would be appreciated. I try my to showcase all teams and individuals in Northern CA but definitely need some assistance with the SJS.

Bell Alumn said...

Where was Bellarmine's Varsity team?

Anonymous said...

Bell's A-team is resting for Mt.Sac

Will Pandori said...

Thanks for putting this up coach Caruana. I'm a Bellarmine Alum and this makes it really easy to follow how they are doing.

Now for a few bragging rights.

That was pretty cool to see how well the Bellarmine JV did. Even their second JV squad did well. It's just too bad that the Sophomore DeAnda is out, otherwise the Varsity and JV would be even better.

Also, it was nice to see those JV athletes, who have trained so hard, get a shot at running a Varsity race since on most teams they would be Varsity runners anyways. I was a JV runner my senior year, but I was also lucky enough to sneak into a Varsity race here and there. It was an awesome feeling, and it was also awesome to be part of a JV team that worked so hard and ran so fast. I hope all the Bellarmine guys are having the same great experience. So great job guys and keep running hard.

Lastly, did anyone see how fast that Freshman ran?! 5:35 pace is insane! Well done.

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