Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pac 10, Big West and WCC Results

Lots of alumni from local schools in Northern California competing in the following conferences:
Pac 10 (Erik Olson, Steve Sodaro, Nohe Lema, Darius Terry, Deborah Maier, Alex Kosinski, Jennifer Bergman, Chelsea Reilly, Laurynne Chetelat, Heather Cerney)

Big West (Calvin Thigpen, Jonathan Sees, Bhavik Kanzaria, Kevin Griffith, Doug Whichard, Grayson Hough, Nathan Strum, Amanda Moreno, Jenny Bergren, Leanne Fogg, Damajeria Dubose, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Katy Daly, Colleen Lillig, Alycia Cridebring)

WCC (Ganbileg Bor, Jeremy Grace, Will Marquardt, Luca Signore, Weston Strum, Sterling Lockert, Tyre Johnson, Greg Innes, Marcos Hinojosa, Robb Van Wyck, Stephanie Wilson, Kellie Houser, Erin Hicks, Mary Reynolds, Natalie Sojka)
Official Page:

Big 12 Men (German Fernandez)

Big Sky Men (Diego Estrada and Reesey Byers)

Ivy League Men (Matt Duffy, Garrett Rowe, Austin Snyder)

Ivy League Women (Theresa Devine)

ACC Men (Evan Watchempino)

ACC Women (Jacque Taylor)

Big South Men (Josh MacDonald)


Anonymous said...

wow erik olson is something else

Anonymous said...

Wow olson rolled

John said...

ACC Women (Jacque Taylor)

Heps Women (Theresa Devine)

Anonymous said...

big sky was obviously a short-course for people who don't know

Anonymous said...

who didn't realize

Anonymous said...

In the WCC was also freshman Kellie Houser for Nor-Cal, I believe she was 11th.

And Erik Olson is indeed a stud.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Jen Bergman was 7th in Pac 10 and the #1 runner on the #6 team in the country right now!!! And they beat Oregon!!!!

And she is only 18 years old!

Anonymous said...

For Big West: Amanda Moreno who won the meet (and set a new course record) is from Norcal (went to HS in the SJS)

And Bergman is indeed a stud, wow talk about rapid improvement! She is right up there with Hasay and Kroeger and might be the 3rd best runner of the very strong class of 2009.

Anonymous said...

wow at reesey byers too, he ran faster than erik olson in his conference. i know the courses may have been different, but he ran 23:15 and was #1 for Sacramento State, while Erik ran 23:49 and was #6 for Stanford. same distance too - 8k

Anonymous said...

oh wow i just saw the comment about big sky being short - no wonder the times are so much faster

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