Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Course Record at Toro Park by Enterprise's Domenic D'Acquisto

What a great day at Toro Park for the second day of the MONTEREY BAY INVITATIONAL (MBI)! The incredible central coast weather (low 70's and sunshine for the varsity races) made for an awesome day of racing. What did we get to see?

 Let's describe the Varsity Boys race. It was all Domenic D'Acquisto from the start of the gun. D'Acquisto (picture to left courtesy of Doug Speck), who previously held the third fastest time on the course took off to the front and had a 10 yard lead at the 1/4 mile mark coming through in 63 seconds. From there he settled into a comfortable pace (if you call running 5:02 through the uphill mile comfortable). Domenic continued to open up as came into spectator alley with about an 80 yard lead at the 1.5 mile half way into the race. His split of 7:28 got the crowd buzzing and wondering might happen.

 Those in attendance last year held on with caution as they remembered last year when he came by a little bit faster and then screamed up the hills only to pay the piper in the last half mile. As we looked up spectator ridge and watch Domenic crest "The WALL" we began to wonder if this could be a record day. Domenic looked as if he was starting the race, not as though he just sprinted straight up a hill that even billygoats go around! We lose sight of him for a while, but got the report that he was at 10:02 for the two mile. The fastest reported split on record. Could he finish? He race the cars along the Hwy 68 corridor and then popped into view through the creekbed crossing with 900 meters to go at 12:10. Could he finish? He looked strong, his stride was smooth, but he was by himself, doing all the work, this isn't how course records are set or is it? 800 meters to go, he is at 12:40. The crowd is getting excited. The announcer is checking his watch to see if this is possible, with 400 meters to go he has turned the last corner and with the slight downhill finish he is 14:00 flat. We are starting to believe! Domenic continued to look smooth and under control as he flew down spectator alley for the second time towards the finish.

 The crowd was yelling, the announcer began losing his voice with excitement, as it became obvious that we were witnessing running history. THE FASTEST TIME EVER ON THE STORIED TORO PARK COURSE! Yes, Domenic D'Acquisto (Enterprise of Redding ... 5 hour trip to get here) set a new course record running 15:05. The previous course record was set in 2006 by Matt Petrillo (Los Gatos) in 15:12 at the CCS Meet. This time there was no "piper to be paid" only a warning that one of the to runners in the state (nation) is geting ready for state. He is flat out good!

 Lost in the excitment of D'Acquisto's run was second place finisher Donald Plazola (Willow Glen) who turned in a very impressive 15:36 to move into the number 20 all time spot. Willow Glen put 5 in the top 15 for an impressive team victory over runnerup Div.4 power Robert Luis Stevenson. Willow Glen team time average of 16:24 has to make them a threat at the state level. The Toro Course tends to run about the same time as that of Woodward Park.

 The girls race was filled with the stars of tomorrow as the top 3 and 5 of the top 6 are sophmores. Vanessa Frazier (Scotts Valley) and Nikki Hiltz (Aptos) shot to the lead and raced side by side through the lower loop. Frazier moved about 10 yards out as they went behind the horseshoe pit and Sophie Cannata boen (Sacred heart Cathedral) move up to join Hiltz. Through the mile it was Frazier trying to distance herself from the strong duo behind her. As they entered spectator alley and the halfway point, Frazier looked in command but with the feared camel humps coming up one never knows what will happen.

 Frazier had never run the course before and was attacking the hills with gusto. It will either make you or brake you when you challenge the ridge. Up over "the wall" and she had stretched her lead to 12 seconds. One more hill, down the S turn to the flat hwy corridor and back out to the lower loop. Would the hills and newness catch up to her? Hiltz was trying to give chase, but as they came out of the creekbed it was all Frazier and Hiltz was having to fight to hold off the strong Cannata boen for second. Frazier finished with a very impressive 18:46 for one of the fastest 10th grade times ever, while Cannata boen turned into a sprinter the last 200 hundred to take over second (18:57) with Hiltz running a fine 19:04 for third. Canneta boen lead her team (Sacred Heart Cathedral) to a nice victory this day over runnerup Leland. Alan Green's Friday report: Another perfect day for running on the central coast.

 The famed course at Toro is actually running a little slower than usual do to the soft sandy dirt stretches. We are in need of some rain to pack down the trails. Great times and efforts considering. Varsity boys and subvarsity results might be switched on the boys attachment...sorry. Check for the faster times as those are from the varsity race. The sub-varsity was formerly known as the JV race. We changed the name because some leagues will not allow seniors to run in a J.V. race. We had 24 teams compete today with another 30 scheduled for tomorrows' version.

Alan Green North Salinas Coach


Anonymous said...

". The previous course record was set in 2006 by Matt Petrillo (Los Gatos) in 15:12 also at the MBI. "

This is an error, Matt P ran the CR at the CCS meet, not at the MBI.

Albert Caruana said...

You are correct. Petrillo ran 15:12 at the 2006 CCS meet.

To put 15:05 at Toro Park in perspective, that is equivalent to 14:46 at Crystal Springs and 15:04 at Woodward Park.

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