Wednesday, October 06, 2010

WCAL #1 Results at Golden Gate Park

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Varsity Boys:
Varsity Girls:
JV Boys:
JV Girls:
Sophomore Boys:
F/S Girls:
Freshmen Boys:


Anonymous said...

wow. SI had fallen in the rankings, but judging by this they must be pretty good, or at least better than I thought. I guess we'll need to see their next race though.

Anonymous said...

WCAL is harder than CCS. I mean Mitty was 4th with their #5 runner being 20:30 for 5k? Sacred Heart looks dang good too! This will destroy Los Gatos' 4 & 5 and they are ranked 4th in CCS

By the look of these results I say WCAL has 5 teams in the top 10!!!

1. Mountain View
2. Carlmont
3. SLV
4. SI
5. Mitty
6. St.Francis
7. Scotts Valley
7. Presentation
8. Gunn
9. Los Gatos
10. Sacred Heart
11. Half Moon Bay
12. Aptos
13. Palo Alto
14. Valley Christian
15. San Benito

Albert Caruana said...

Also looks like Valley Christian SJ sat out a few runners for the meet.

MV Moose said...

Presentation has been consistently ahead of Mitty and has more depth than St. Francis. Check out the SCVAL results today and think you'll need to move Gunn back up. Otherwise, your rankings are close enough. ;)

The WCAL finals will be totally wild!
Gunn, Mountain View and Palo Alto will be a nice race at ECL finals (Los Gatos runs DAL).
Carlmont and HMB will also be interesting.. can HMB's depth overcome Petersen and her 4 musketeers?

We'll find out in November...

Anonymous said...

MV Moose, regarding moving Gunn back up I am not so sure about that. They showed us everything they had today, didn't they? Not bad, but MV didn't have any of their top 5 run today as far as I can tell? Did PA have any missing?

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