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Catching up with Campolindo HS runner, Carrie Verdon...

Today we chat with the top ranked individual runner in NCS from my latest rankings, junior Carrie Verdon of Campolindo HS (pictured to the left courtesy of Margaret Gallagher and  She is also the lead runner for the #1 ranked team in the state in Division III according to ESPN Rise.  Verdon has finished in 3rd place twice at the NCS MOC cross country meet on the Hayward HS course.  She just missed qualifying for the state meet in track and field as a freshman before qualifying for two events last year in the 1600 and 3200.

1) How did you get your start in distance running?
I got my start in distance running as a freshman going out for cross country. My brother, who was a junior at the time, had done it every year and he said it was a blast so I though I would give it a try.

2) What other sports did you play besides cross country and track and field?
 I played a lot of sports before my freshman year but my main sport was soccer. I played for Campolindo my freshman year on the JV team but after Track and Field that year, I knew distance running was my true sport.

3) When did you first realize that you had the talent to be successful in distance running?
I would have to say after state my freshman year. Throughout that first season, I was really happy I was up there in the races with the leaders, but I didn't realize what that meant. After state was when it hit me that I actually had talent and if I put in enough work, I could be among the top distance runners in the state.

4) Who were the runners (from Campo or other schools) that you looked up to as a freshman in high school?
Grace Orders, Sara Mostatabi, and Emily Brennan were my biggest idols. I would try to copy everything that they did and listen to all they had to teach me going into races.

5) Can you tell us a little about your coach and how he has helped you become the runner you are today.
Chuck is a really great coach. Although he comes off as hard and strict, he really cares for every single person on our team. He dedicates so much time to our program, which is why we are always so successful. Chuck has helped me become the runner I am today by teaching me everything there is to know about distance running from what to eat before a race, to how to run with proper form. Everyday at the end of practice he brings the whole team together and either tells us a motivational speech or tells us some new piece of information relating to staying healthy and injury free.

6) What are the key workouts during cross country that give you the most confidence during your races?
The key workouts for me would be the continuous tempos we do or the 2k's. They always boost my confidence levels by ensuring me I can run fast for long periods of time.

7) What are some of the traditions that take place on the Campolindo HS team that you feel are a big part of your team's success?
We always have pasta feeds before races that really bond our team closer together. We also do little things like make all the girls ribbons to put in their hair to show team spirit. The team unity of our team makes practices really fun which helps us all get through the tough days. Everyone is really close which is one reason I just love being part of the Campolindo team.

8) Your closest competitor in most of your races is your teammate Grace Orders. How have you two helped each other during practice and the races that you feel has made both of you better runners?
Grace and I have helped each other so much this season. During practice we encourage each other during workouts and we run together for most of our runs. During races we just push each other and work together which builds our confidence up.

9) Favorite xc course? Favorite invitational? Favorite run? Favorite workout? Favorite competitor(s)? 
My favorite xc course is Hidden Valley Park, favorite invitational is Stanford, favorite run is Bayview (which is in the redwoods in the Oakland hills), favorite workout is 3, 2, 1 fartlek. As for favorite competitors, I don't have any specific names, I just like competing against people who will challenge me and dare me to follow them.

10) What is your favorite race in track? What are your personal records in track in the 800, 1600 and 3200? 
My favorite race in track is the 3200m. My 800 record is 2:19, my 1600 record is 4:56, and my 3200 record is 10:42.

11) What are the races coming up for your team that you are most looking forward to the rest of the season? 
My team is definitely looking forward to NCS and State the most. We are really excited because we have a really talented team and we have worked really hard so we know we can accomplish a lot this season.

Thank you very much for your time Carrie.  AJC

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