Sunday, October 10, 2010

NCS Individual Divisional Rankings

Division I
1)  Ben Eversole Castro Valley HS
2)  Jeff Bickert College Park HS
3)  Anthony Ortolon College Park HS
4)  Anthony Martore Castro Valley HS
5)  Michael Johnson De La Salle HS

Division II
1)  Parker Deuel San Ramon Valley HS
2)  Matt Devries San Ramon Valley HS
3)  Nolan Peterson Washington HS
4)  Brian Hardy San Ramon Valley HS
5)  Ben Tarango Casa Grande HS

Division III
1)  Luis Luna Piner HS
2)  Forrest Shaffer Petaluma HS
3)  Thomas Joyce Campolindo HS
4)  Dylan Laucher Campolindo HS
5)  Jamie Fehrnstrom Miramonte HS

Division IV

1)  Daniel Milechman Tamalpais HS
2)  John Lawson Sir Francis Drake HS
3)  Ned Tannenbaum University HS
4)  Trevor Ehlenbach San Rafael HS
5)  Alexi Taylor Cardinal Newman HS

Division V
1)  Cole Williams Urban HS
2)  Gabe Arias St. Joseph's HS
3)  Nick Ratto St. Joseph's HS
4)  Sean Judkins-Boeri Urban HS
5)  Ben Rainero-de Haan International HS

Division I
1)  Sophie Hartley Granada HS
2)  Carina Novell Granada HS
3)  Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley HS
4)  Natalie Dimits Livermore HS
5)  Elaine McVay California HS

Division II
1)  Julie Nacouzi Montgomery HS
2)  Alexandra Tate Clayton Valley HS
3)  Kelly Nordine San Ramon Valley HS
4)  Amber Peirsol Windsor HS
5)  Ashley Moffet Casa Grande HS

Division III
1)  Carrie Verdon Campolindo HS
2)  Grace Orders Campolindo HS
3)  Shelby Nickles Dublin HS
4)  Lauren Kraus Maria Carrillo HS
5)  Courtney Madsen Novato HS

Division IV
1)  Spencer Moore St. Mary's Berkeley HS
2)  Nicole Lane El Molino HS
3)  Ellie Ryan Sir Francis Drake HS
4)  Aneka Adeni Moreau Catholic HS
5)  Nicole Petersen Piedmont HS

Division V
1)  Lucy McCullough Marin Academy
2)  Holland Reynolds University HS
3)  Julia Maxwell Branson HS
4)  Bridget Blum University HS
5)  Adrienne Strait College Prep HS

The above lists are just my best guess at this point of the top 5 individuals in each division.  Feel free to point out any obvious changes or omissions. 


Anonymous said...

Santisteban has already beat McVay and Dimits head-to-head this yr. these 3 could change positions from wk. but as of now Kelsey is Number 3 in NCS after beating Dimits by a full minute at CV INVITE

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for the information. I will make the appropriate change.

Anonymous said...

will there be a consolidated individual ranking for boys and girls? Also update of team rankings?

Thanks looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

It appears CV has slipped a bit from last yrs. overall strong unit of girls and boys. Of those who remain are dominating individually in invites this yr. for ex: Castro Valley, Artichoke, Westmoor,Ed Sias, Monte Vista. Ben Eversole and Kelsey Santisteban have been lights out against the rest of the NCS top runners. Each had dominating races at the CV Invite yesterday. Eversole has proven himself against the likes of DeLaSalle, SRV, College Park. Santisteban needs a big performance at Mt.SAC to make some the doubters believers. STAY TUNED IT WILL BE INTERESTING NO DOUBT!!

Albert Caruana said...

There will be an update of all the NCS rankings before the league championship meets.

Anonymous said...

De La Salle is finally starting to let all of its horses out of the stable.... although one horse was taking the SAT during Clovis, so not 100% there yet. NCS and EBAL teams should beware.

Anonymous said...

Was DLS missing someone at the first EBAL meet? That sure looked like some fast racing that day.

Anonymous said...

We weren't missing anyone as such, but we had 2 who were just coming back from injury and long term illness, and are just starting to get back into their stride.

floyd said...

ncs teams beware
under 80 at state, i believe in all of you

also stephan stop writing on message boards, this is not hypocritical

Anonymous said...

Haha, who is this Stephan character? I'm sure I have no idea who you are talking about. You will notice that I am "Anonymous" after all.

Anonymous said...

these need to be updated. especially DII boys.

Anonymous said...


Albert Caruana said...

Feel free to update.

I need to finish the preview article in the meantime and will post the favorites later this week.

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